Patapon 3 Release Date Update: PSP Game Coming April 12

By Tina Chubb - Feb 26, 2011

Although the Patapon 3 game – which is exclusive to the PSP – was revealed during last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, a specific release date wasn’t. However, we now have an update on the rhythm-action game’s US release date, with reports of it arriving on April 12th.

According to a recent article by Mike Jackson over at, the game will be released on UMD and on the PlayStation Network, for a price of $19.99. In the latest installment, the Patapon unlock a cursed treasure that unleashes an evil upon the world.

As a result, all the Patapon – apart from the flag bearer Hatapon – are turned into stone. It is then up to players to fuse their essence with a fallen soldier, in order to create the UltraHero Patapon. A new story trailer has also been released, which you can view below this post.

According to Rainier over on the website recently reported, the new Patapon 3 game enables players to customize their Super Hero Patapon to their specifications and features a variety of missions, including co-op quests and a capture the flag multiplayer mode.

The upcoming game also includes a new Pata-Text chat system, which will enable you to chat with other Super Hero Patapons, and online co-op and competitive gameplay that allows up to 8 players. Are you a fan of the Patapon series? If so, will you be buying the third installment?

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