Lenovo Thinkpad Refresh 2011: Spec Overview and Price

By Jamie Pert - Feb 26, 2011

Lenovo has continued their popular line in business laptops by releasing a wide range in updated thinkpads from the T, L and W series, these ThinkPads come in various models and will be available for retail March 29.

The list of new models consists of the ThinkPad T420s with a price of $1,329, the ThinkPad T420 at $779 and the ThinkPadT520 which will cost $909. From the L series we have the ThinkPadL420 and the ThinkPadL520 at $719. The W series has been given the ThinkPadW520 at $1,329

All the new ThinkPad’s will come with Intel-Core i-Series CPU’s, they will all offer 20% performance increase and will have double the graphics performance of its predecessors. Overall these ThinkPads sound pretty impressive and reasonably priced for what you are buying.

At the time of this post we do not have full specifications for all of these models, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we find out more, for more information you can visit the CNET page.

What are your opinions on the new ThinkPad’s?

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