China Restores LinkedIn, Off The Blocked List

By Jamie Pert - Feb 26, 2011

You may have recently read how LinkedIn had been blocked in some parts of China, well now we are hearing that access has been restored.

From what we can see LinkedIn was blocked because a user setup a forum thread which spoke about the idea of a “Jasmine Revolution” in China, the Jasmine Revolution relates to the revolts currently occurring in the Middle East, this obviously didn’t go down too well with the Chinese government.

If you have been reading our articles over the past year or so you will probably be aware that the Chinese government like to control what its citezens can view online, previously we saw how Google pulled the plug on China following concerns about China’s human rights policies, therefore it is unsurprising to hear that Jasmine Revolution talk got LinkedIn blocked.

One spokesman representing LinkedIn recently suggested that the business-oriented social networking website was monitoring the situation, therefore don’t be too surprised if this isn’t the last we hear about the situation.

You can find out fully detailed information about LinkedIn being blocked by China on BBC News.

Do you think China are correct to restrict what their citizens see online?

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