Antenna Fears for iPhone 5 Following Verizon’s Weak Signal

By Peter Chubb - Feb 26, 2011

Even before the Verizon iPhone 4 was released we had assumed that the antenna issue had been resolved, due to a minor redesign. However, it was not long after the release of the new phone that consumers started complaining that the loss of signal was back. This now makes us have fears over the antenna issue returning for the iPhone 5, especially since a recent Consumer Reports study confirmed Verizon’s weak signal problem.

We cannot be certain, but we do hope that Apple did not finalize the design of their 5th-generation iPhone believing that they had resolved the antenna issue with the small change? One would normally suggest that Apple would have made certain that such a thing would not happen, but all the issues from last year certainly does not feel us with confidence.

Because the CDMA version is almost identical to the GSM version Apple might have not been able to do much, so the small change might have been the best that we could have hoped for? All we know is, the Cupertino company had better get this one right, as there are a ton of Android handsets on/coming to the market that will be ready to pounce.

As yet no details have emerged about what the design of the iPhone 5 will look like, but we have heard a few suggestions on the hardware, and we do have high expectations. The most likely change will be to the processor, as we hope to see a dual-core CPU and more RAM.

What we have not heard any rumors about are on the camera as well as battery performance. We would like to have at least an 8-megapixel camera, and with all that extra performance from the hardware one would expect a much-improved battery. We should not have that long to wait to see what Apple has done to improve the iPhone, and if they will finally eradicate the antenna issue?

Do you think that the iPhone 5 will suffer the same antenna issue?

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  • tonyc

    CR reports? Lately, I haven't been taking their reports to seriously. They seem to think that they are Masters of everything and the end-all final word on everything. I don't think so. I read their OPINION and then make my own decision. They are only 1 publication and not the experts as they always think they are. I followed their 'Best Buy' advice and got burned with crap several times. So when they say Grip of death on the Iphone? I seriously doubt it.