Thunderbolt I/O Technology, Intel and Apple Collaboration

When the new 2011 MacBook Pro refresh went live on the Apple store yesterday we were given confirmation that the notebook came with Thunderbolt I/O Technology. This latest Intel and Apple collaboration is exclusive for now, but we know that the chip maker will want to offer this new connection type to other computer makers when the time is right.

For those who do not know anything about Thunderbolt, it is not the new Android smartphone from HTC but a new connection type that in time could replace USB, Firewire and Ethernet etc. Jamie Pert wrote an interesting article yesterday, which compared Thunderbolt I/O Technology against USB 3.0. The former is said to be twice as fast as the latter.

The Register says that up to six peripherals can be connected like a daisy chain via Thunderbolt, much like you can with USB. However, the only issue with this is the fact that there are no peripherals available just yet.

You have to love Apple’s catchy lines when they say things like “Powerful technology from a powerful collaboration.” They state that the concept is simple, yet incredibly fast, and knowing that you can plug almost anything into it, you have to wonder what the downside will be?

One issue that we can see is the fact that USB 3.0 support has been slow, so how will Thunderbolt be any different? However, we will say that with Apple behind the new technology, we would assume that others will follow – just look at the iPad. Apple was not the first to launch the tablet device, but they were certainly the ones who revolutionized it.

What future do you see in Thunderbolt I/O Technology?



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