Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 set for reveal next week at GDC 2011?

By Gary Johnson - Feb 25, 2011

While many of us are still enjoying Call of Duty: Black ops, thoughts are now turning to the next installment of the franchise. The game is normally released around November and details for it could be announced next week.

Tamoor Hussain over at is reporting that an internet page has come up with the URL of findmakarov. On the web page is a countdown timer which will run out during GDC 2011. This is suggesting that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 could be revealed during the event next week.

The eagle eyed among you would have spotted that the URL may be referring to Vladimir Makarov; he was the leader of Ultranationalists in Modern Warfare 2 from the scene in the airport. We never got to find out what happened to him when the game ends.

Bill Hess over at Attack of the Fanboy is expecting that the Call of Duty franchise will have a big fight on its hands this time round. The release of the next game is expected to coincide with the launch of Battlefield 3, which has the new state of the art Frostbite 2 engine running it. Also it doesn’t help the fact that Infinity Ward lost some of its team last year.

General Manager of DICE, developer of Battlefield 3, Karl Magnus Troedsson said “We are gearing up for a fight and we’re here to win”. A bold statement but many people have high hopes for the game when it is released, so there could be an interesting battle between the games.

At the time of writing the URL for the countdown timer is not working, probably can’t cope with the amount of people trying to access it. Which game do you think will rein supreme come the Fall?

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  • jmaes
  • Andrew

    who ever thinks cod is dead, u r fucking retards cod is and always will be the most played and selled game in history, no matter what bf3 does it can never pass up call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry

    Yeah COD: Black Ops & Modern Warfare 2 are sooo Dead That They Were The Most Sold games in console history… Dumbasses! …. just because you suck at a game doesn't make it a bad game.

    • Eric

      I think he was referring to the Infinity Ward team you fucking retard. Before you call someone out, make sure you are criticizing them for the correct reason, not a half-assed assumption. BTW, trying to make an assertion for someones disposition for a game is pointless, and also choosing a statement thats impossible to prove to back that assertion is even more stupid.

      • Andrew

        read the message dumbass it ses that cod has been dead for 3 years and whoever said that is stupid cod is the best game in the history of video games.

  • Nick

    Haven't any of you learned infinity ward are dead most of the original people left to join a company with EA cod is dead and has been dead for at least 3 years. BF3 has to much anticipation behind it If Activision and actually revealing this that is a very very very bad move.

    p.s enjoy playing with little kids in modernwarfare 3 while i go and blow a building in bf3.

  • Yes there is a countdown, yes it looks like it's a teaser for Modern Warfare 3, but it probably is a hoax.

    An Activision spokesman said "Let me be clear we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax".

    Even though I hope it's true, it probably isn't.

  • Sam

    Yay, more running around shooting on a tiny map with dozens of choppers shooting down on people at the same time. I don't think COD will bring anything new or different. Same graphics, same horribly bad PS3 port, same issues.

    EA as my money on that one, better sales or not, BF3 will probably a much better and polished game.

  • cornelius

    I'm so stoke!!! I hope its not a prequel, though I wouldn't be upset cause Ghost is bad ass. Modern Warfare 3 website says the game is coming out November 11. What you guys think?

    I hope we dont get a 5 second tease, and they actually release some information and stuff. I cant wait!! bye bye crappy black ops