Bing Recipes Vs Google Recipe View: Features

You might wonder what we are talking about when comparing Bing Recipes against Google Recipe View features? The reason is because the number one search engine has just launched their new service, which is said to have features almost identical to what Microsoft launched in January.

PCMag picks up on the fact at just how similar the features are, such as calorie display and user ratings. However, there are still a few subtle differences, such as how Bing has more filter options, but Google’s seems more accurate when it comes to listing such things as calorie amounts.

This latest search option from Google is ideal for cooks or those who aspire to be a top chef. To see the results all you need to do is type something in the search bar and then select recipes from the menu on the left; you have to select more to see this option. There are a few filters that you can change, such as cooking time etc.

Bing Recipes pulls its results from a number of the top recipe websites, you can then sort these by ratings, meals etc. The new feature is very easy to use, which you can see for yourself in the video embedded for you below. We have also put a video of Google Recipe View below as well so you can compare the two for yourself.

Bing Recipes Vs Google Recipe View, which one stands out for you?



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