Two Worlds 2: Final UK Release Date Confirmed

By Tina Chubb - Feb 24, 2011

We have a bit of good news now for all you UK gamers out there who have been waiting for the much-awaited release of the Two Worlds 2 game, as a final release date has now been confirmed. It looks like you won’t have to wait too much longer either, as the game will be arriving on March 1st.

As Matthew Reynolds over on the website recently reported, the Two Worlds 2 game was originally delayed from last year, to avoid the busy autumn release period. The game then suffered yet more delays, when a shipment from China was unfortunately destroyed.

However, there does appear to be a catch to the UK release. According to Ben Parfitt over at, the Two Worlds II game will only be available to purchase from online retailer Amazon. The RPG was originally listed in GAME’s upcoming release schedule, but has since been removed.

TopWare Interactive spoke to Eurogamer recently, and said that they had decided to forego a retail release and launch the Two Worlds 2 game exclusively on Amazon. The online retailer will have all versions of the game in stock, including the Royal Edition.

The Two Worlds 2 game will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • john bai!

    whats the story with i preordered it in september 2010. i know theres been a load of issues, but a lot of you guys seem to have gotten your copies a couple of weeks ago, doesnt even have a release date posted!!!

    what site did you guys that got the game order from? cos i think ill cancel my preorder with play dot fuckin com!

    that stupid developer has pushed their release back so many times its obvious why. theyre avoiding big name releases. they avoided black ops in september and theyre still tryin to avoid big names.

    if they keep this up, theyll have to avoid modern warfare 3 and (*holy sound*) ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM!!!!!!

  • matthew harriman

    yo blood i aint come of it either im level 62 online i have awsome stuff but i stay away from the modded stuff also campaign pretty awsome id say it was worth the wait……………..although they need to do 2things A) remove the moded stuff B) make a 8player free roam they it will be the perfect game also 1last thing are u a ranger melee or mage M8

  • matthew harriman

    blood mines here now whoop what bowt urs

    • bloodpollution8

      yeh got mine friday n havnt really come off it since

  • matthew harriman

    well houdini you need to confirm from ur email then update order on amazon and then it will dispatch also u can track ur order via amazon.

    • bloodpollution8

      got te dispatch email today…bout feckin time

      • matthew harriman

        gdgd mines coming today so im glad but they lost alot of sales tho cos of how stupid they are

      • matthew harriman

        gdgd mine will be here in 2hours or so

  • Houdini

    pre ordered in feb from amazon and it still has'nt come even though its 2 days after release………think ill just restart my oblivian game

  • matthew harriman

    its out it came out todaay so why r people stressing

  • michael adams

    so much for the definite release date of March 1st. This game release is put back on a weekly basis, i fear it will never be released in the uk offically.

  • matthew harriman

    yay its finnally out whoooooop

  • matthew harriman

    fair comment but two worlds 2 looks awsome also look on amazon, it was 11march now its 9th march which is tommorow so i dunno dude i recon its out tomoz also dragonage2 is not that good on the basis that it is not online and TW2 is

  • the watcher

    all the set backs are nothing more than , a publicaty stunt to grab intrest in the game , think about it how long ago was it since no 1 was out to no 2 .. some how they have to genarate intrest in the game , like you are all doing right now chatting about it,yer getting annoyed to i see , but your giving them what they want ! as for the amoson stunt they pulled ,this is far from true , my local Chip computer store has go them in !
    in the end we gamers buy another game they lose out on finaces,its no big deal its 1 game in a thousand and going from there work in number 1 i cant see why any one in the right mind would want this game + there are new mmo and rpg's comming i.e dragonage2

  • matthew harriman

    also dunno if you knew but on the day of dispatch you have to confirm it. you do know that right?

    • bloodpollution8

      no i didnt, theyve said that il get an email when it has been dispatched. havnt cancelled it yet. gona wait til the 11th n if it still isnt out then im definately cancelling

      • matthew harriman

        fair point cos i got an email saying they dont take money or dispatch untill u confirm it

        • bloodpollution8

          well as much id love it to come out on the 11th i seriously cant see it happening wiv da2 comin out

        • matthew harriman

          whats Da2 also i cant see it coming out either but a man can hope right? XD

  • matthew harriman

    kk i dont have a ps3 unfotunatlly (think thats the spelling) i want 1 tho n ive had 1 in da past
    . Anyway have u canncelled your order

  • bloodpollution8

    my gamertag is bloodpollution8 but im on ps3 since my xbox packed in, if u have a ps3 tho my gamertag is the same. wont be buying a new xbox until gears 3 is out

  • matthew harriman

    mines LLz N o x i d e

    • bloodpollution8

      on xbox or ps3?

  • matthew harriman

    hey bloodpollution do u have xbox n if u do tell me ur gamer tag il add you

  • Killerjib

    Delayed till 11th March now from what I can see!! board of this now 🙁

  • dan

    will also be released on the 18th of march at the very earlyest
    look at tesco site there still advatising n its said the 18th since the game was said to be released

  • bloodpollution8

    yeh same here matt, looks like my order is getting cancelled now.. sick of fukin waitin. the worst thing is that amazon seem to let me know its put back on the day they told me its due out. complete tools

    • matthew harriman

      blood u got xbox and if ya do pal whats ya GT cos u seem like a sound guy and we got something in common we dont like being messes around cos this is ridiculous now

  • matthew harriman

    wow great now its 11th march looks like there was no point in me crossing my fingers

  • matthew harriman

    omg as i get my hopes its been bloody delayed again arggggggggghhhhhhhhh 11th march people infact lets call it 24th june 2022 cos it probs will be that after the ammount of delay's

  • bloodpollution8

    probably coz there printed in germany n we all know the english/german relationship is rocky lol. well its due out 2mora so hopefully wel b getting our copies either 2mora or monday

  • bloodpollution8

    fingers crossed then dude, for everyone else out there waiting aswell

    • matthew harriman

      yes mine are crossed XD they have been for the last 24hours and if they delay the game again i may cry……………or just cancel my order. they are kinda retarded tho i meen why is it that the UK are last to get everything.

  • bloodpollution8

    ordered my copy on amazon a few days ago. the ad for the game said a march 1st release date however a few days later i recieved an email stating the release date had yet again for the 137th time been put back to march 8th. so now i have to wait til march 9th- 11th for a game that should have been released last year. hope it doesnt happen again coz that would be utter bullsh1t

    • matthew harriman

      well it cant be 8th cos i just ordered mine from amazon an hour ago and it ses arrival is 5th march and also it says 4th march release date so im guessing its gunna stay as 4th march

  • matthew harriman

    well i think 4th march is now the final anyway so lets hope

  • Leslie

    relax guys; they said 1st march is the final release date! so it must be final, right? (what's that you say? they said final release date like 3 times before already? and it's now 4th march final release? oh…)

    imagining two topware employees tossing a copy of 2W2 between them with their valued customers playing piggy in the middle

  • andy

    the game was originally to be released on sep 14th, fair enough reach came out and it would be over-looked, but seriously, this is pathetic, oh so professional.

    • matthew harriman


  • matthew harriman

    well people i think march 4th is the final release date, well if they dont mess things up again and delay AGAIN

  • crag

    i cud do a better job releasing a game than these a-holes, my god they just mess things up for us people in the UK all the time

  • matthew harriman

    great i said to myself 1st march thats not too bad so i waited over night i was going to pre order today now its 4th march i dont see what the problem is why keep delaying also they made a serious mistake by giving amazon exclusivity wtf

  • Kborom

    Now the 4th March, how these people can run a company I do not know.

  • Bardock

    well thats just f***ing great. means i now have to go out and get a card that can be used online and put money on it. why the hell cudnt they just relelse it today in shop's????? how sodding retarded is that company grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • steve

    first thay said 26 october 2010 then thay said 14 janarury 2011 then the 4 of feb 2011 then 25 of feb 2011 and now it is the first of 1th march wtich is a wendesday dont mess with me i have heard that it is the 3 of june 2011 when the next release date what the hell are those computer neders doing

    since march 9th 2009 when i heard that thay were going to make two worlds 2 i was happy now i am ready to kill god for just 1 cope WHERE IS MY COPE I WANT MY COPE NOW NOT TOMMOROW NOT IN THE NEAR TIME TO COME BUT NOW RIGHT NOW

  • Lee

    I was wondering why my copy I ordered from gameplay hasn't been sent. Now I know.

    Having a game exclusive to just one retailer is bad enough. But an online only retailer is economic suicide.

    If the publisher or developer ends up in financial trouble through lack of sales then serves them right.



    • Rob

      Haha i couldnt be bothered waiting and i bought dead space 2. No regrets at all.

  • matthew harriman

    ahhhhh bullshit so many delays seriously its not hard make 1 release date then folllow it through i went to game today to ask they said its oout tommorrow

  • Manthium

    what the fuck so not only do they delay it but the ignorant sons of .. people. also screw everyone whos already preordered it off GAME? great really tempted to shove my finger up at them now as if they dont have enough to answer for from that wreck of a first game now they'll just piss on any fireworks anyone might of had for two worlds 2.

    • joe

      just so you all know, i had this game in january from an online seller. the game is amazing so everyone who waits it out will be impressed. i completed it in about 55 hrs and the whole way through it was enjoyable. i do agree that they have really shot themselves in the foot by delaying it so much. i would have been well pi$$ed by now