Test Drive Unlimited 2 Update: List of Problems Fixed

By Jamie Pert - Feb 24, 2011

Yesterday we told you that free DLC was coming to Test Drive Unlimited 2, now we can confirm that the game’s developer has completed an update for the game, it has already gone live on PC and should be rolled out on Xbox Live and the PSN soon.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been out in North America since February 8th, since then a whole host of problems have been frustrating gamers, thanks to all of the feedback from the community a lot of bugs should soon be fixed.

According to the TDU2 forums a lot of issues will be resolved once the update has arrived, such as improved logging into the game, improved online stability, better population of friends, a better invite system, improved Casino access, money exploits have been patched and clubs have been brought back online.

Perhaps the most annoying problem was that game saves were corrupting for some gamers, this should no longer happen, also if your game save has already corrupted it may be automatically repaired.

Once the update has arrived for you we would love to hear whether there are still any annoying bugs affecting your gaming, let us know in the comments section below.

Has the update made TDU2 a better game?

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  • adam

    make it possible to use brake pedals as well as clutch and accelerator, as at the moment i cant use the break and have to use a button on the wheel D:

  • Sam

    Keeps crashing on xbox360 nobody seems to be listing it as a problem !

  • Dooh

    we need controls remap for wheels,cant do nothing with wheel,only steering,need lots of other buttons for gaming+do with cocpit something,it most be like in tdu1,i need to move my player or i dont see out of the car.simple things

  • jon

    Please allow us to sell cars as meant via the
    Mechanic in used car dealer , better handling be nice and a online experience that is reliable and there all the time. Please let us sell cars we won too ….. Early ones are for girls surely ??? Lol

    • Shamz

      you can sell your cars, if you go to the dealership to purchase a car and if you dont have any room in your garage , continue to buy and it gives you the option to sell the cars you dont want in order to make room.

  • chris

    when it coming for the ps3

  • jay

    Please something so simple they need to make it possible so you can custom the controls not everyone wants R2 as an accelerator.