Sprint HTC Arrive aka HTC 7 Pro: Release Date and Price

By Jamie Pert - Feb 24, 2011

On Tuesday we suggested that Sprint HTC 7 Pro release information would be revealed on February 24th, well today is that day and we can now confirm that the the HTC 7 Pro is coming to Sprint next month, however it will be called the HTC Arrive.

This news was revealed on Sprint’s official Twitter feed, a recent tweet confirms that it will become available on March 20th, you can find out more information on Sprint’s official website.

The HTC Arrive will cost you $199.99 as part of a new 24-month deal (or eligible upgrade), this price takes into account a $100 mail-in rebate, you can find out more about price-plans here.

If you are stil unsure as to whethe rthe HTC Arrive / HTC 7 Pro is the right smartphone for you check out HTC’s website for full details, also Engagdet’s hands-on with the handset includes a lot of photos and a video which should give you an idea as to what to expect.

A lot of people have wondered why a high-end Sprint smartphone will be rolled out in 2011 without 4G connectivity, everything else about this smartphone is pretty impressive, however we wonder if the lack of 4G will be a major factor in the handset’s success, what do you think?

Will you buy the Sprint HTC Arrive?

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  • Reese

    Oh Sprint, you never cease to amaze me. After 5 months of waiting, you're going to release a Windows Phone 7 device. However, you're pricing it the same as the HTC Evo 4G. Do you hate Microsoft that badly, that you're only launching one device and then pricing it so that people will go to Android instead? Come on, give an OS a chance!

  • Dan

    4g and front facing camera make this a no-go

  • i personally dont care if it has 4g or not cause the number of times i use it doesnt matter

    • Arya

      i thought to until it came to where i live, and i used it on my brothers evo. Let me tell you man its freaking awesome.

  • Arya

    No, I was really excited for this device but the lack of 4g is a deal breaker.

  • Steve

    It looks like we'll have to shell out $300 to get one of these baby's first and then wait for a rebate back. That seems pretty steep these days.