PlayStation Phone (Xperia Play): Ridiculous Pre-Order Price

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2011

You may remember an article we wrote a few weeks back, which informed you about a potential $400 price point for the PlayStation Phone. However, one UK retailer has slapped what can only be described as a ridiculous price for the smartphone gaming combi.

The retailer which has been named and shamed is Play UK, which is actually one of my favorite retailers for picking up games and other goodies online since their fast delivery service is excellent.

Back to the real story though, and they have listed a price for the Xperia Play, as much as £519.99, as reported from MTV Multiplayer. Just to let you know for everyone in the US, that converts to around $840 which is pretty crazy as nobody in their right frame of mind is going to pay that amount for the device.

The good news, is that this price is probably, most definitely exaggerated. We expect this to drop considerably by the time Sony announces official prices for the device. Don’t forget that the NGP is also coming out this year, and we expect that to be priced at around $400, so there’s no chance that anyone is going to pay $800+ for the Xperia Play – a device which is considered inferior compared to the quad-core equipped NGP.

What are your thoughts on this price? Could it be an error by the retailer, or do you actually think that Sony would offer the device at this price without contract? We’ll update you when we hear more on this.

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  • David Harbron

    I think they very much would charge this price for the phone without a contract which is crazy in my books.

    £20 contract over 24 months £480 (for this price you will mostly like have to pay about £250 for the hand set

    £25 = 600

    £30 = 720

    £35 = 840

    So this phone is going to be really expensive on contract so I can very much see Play sticking to their price unless someone else really drops the price.

    It's kinda outrageous but I still like the look of it but do I really want to pay almost 3 times on contract for a phone with playstation 1 games when I could buy a 3 PS3 for that amount.

    unsure wait and see I guess.

  • Mj Wallace

    wtf, thats standard price for a smart phone on release x10 was more cant seee how its ridiculious