Macbook Pro 2012: Buy New 2011 Model or Wait for Design Overhaul?

It now seems very likely that Apple will be updating their lineup of Macbook Pro laptops on the Apple Store at some point tomorrow, but is it actually worth buying one if a better, redesigned model will follow in 2012?

We are hearing reports that next year, will be the year when Apple dishes out a full design overhaul for the Macbook Pro. The update which is planned on Thursday is seen as a hardware refresh to ‘existing’ models, but those of you who want to buy a Macbook which looks significantly different to current Macbooks, may want to hold off until 2012.

The following line of text has been published by iLounge, who have obtained their information via one of their sources:

“Next year is the year when Apple will introduce an all new design for the MacBook Pro product family, which is already under development at Quanta in Taiwan.”

With this in mind, you may want to think twice about paying $1000+ for a Macbook Pro which is just going to visually look the same as current models. Yes the new specs of the 13-inch Macbook Pro are impressive, but we’d argue that money would be better spent on a brand new Macbook Pro model, with a new design and 2012 hardware features.

Put it this way, why would you spend so much money on an old product? Something to consider once Apple press the magic refresh button on their stores worldwide. Give us your thoughts on this.

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