Macbook Pro 2012: Buy New 2011 Model or Wait for Design Overhaul?

By Alan Ng - Feb 24, 2011

It now seems very likely that Apple will be updating their lineup of Macbook Pro laptops on the Apple Store at some point tomorrow, but is it actually worth buying one if a better, redesigned model will follow in 2012?

We are hearing reports that next year, will be the year when Apple dishes out a full design overhaul for the Macbook Pro. The update which is planned on Thursday is seen as a hardware refresh to ‘existing’ models, but those of you who want to buy a Macbook which looks significantly different to current Macbooks, may want to hold off until 2012.

The following line of text has been published by iLounge, who have obtained their information via one of their sources:

“Next year is the year when Apple will introduce an all new design for the MacBook Pro product family, which is already under development at Quanta in Taiwan.”

With this in mind, you may want to think twice about paying $1000+ for a Macbook Pro which is just going to visually look the same as current models. Yes the new specs of the 13-inch Macbook Pro are impressive, but we’d argue that money would be better spent on a brand new Macbook Pro model, with a new design and 2012 hardware features.

Put it this way, why would you spend so much money on an old product? Something to consider once Apple press the magic refresh button on their stores worldwide. Give us your thoughts on this.

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  • Dodgeramming

    definitely waiting for the new MBP17,saving my gift cards just for this!

  • Kevin Benaim

    Another point to add would be that it is more reliable the last update of the same line… than the first of a complete new generation….

  • ronald

    shut it

  • Stepehen

    I'm waiting to see what the 2012 model brings to the table. I'm not so much worried about the external look of it, but the internal hardware. Im hoping the 2012 model brings on blu-ray, get rid of fire wire and have decent sized solid state drives. That would be one nice overhaul to the MBP for next year.

    All I can do is sit by and hope.

  • Cris

    I still have my MBP from 2009, and rox so hard, so maybe i can wait another year for the overhauled version. I'm a videoeditor and my 2.5Ghz Core2Duo with 4GbRAM en 500HDD keeps me busy everyday. Of course i will spent my money first on the new Final Cut and maybe Lion OS. So yeah I CAN WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hubcap

    I'm going to wait. I have the 2010 mac pro i5 2.53 4 gb ram. the small updates they release are just to get people interested in buying them again. Apple makes such a good product there really isn't any reason to upgrade unless you really want to or have too. As for me as a designer i need the latest and fastest, as my software upgrades and requires it, i need to have a computer that can run it!

    Hoping for a 15" with i7 or better quadcore with 8+ gb of ram. 3 or more usb ports And i would like if they all had an hdmi port so you can hook it up to a t.v.

  • ahecker

    I love my early 2007 MBP 17", but it is starting to show its age. I'll wait for the 2012 and hold on to that one until the 2017 MBP!

  • lovemynewmac

    F¨¨¨this post…i just bought the macbook pro 15` with the intel core i7 cuz i need it for college and you are telling me that it is better to wait for a new model to avoid spending $2000 on an OLD product????!!!! do you call this a F¨¨¨¨ old product?? FU!

  • Morten

    About 2 months ago i bought this Acer laptop to have with me until sometime next year. (Mind the prices, im from Denmark).
    I paid 1145 usd for this acer laptop, which is farely cheap compared to the new macbook which costs 2600 usd and with only slightly better specs.
    I have chosen to save up untill next year, and hope that i have enough money for the next macbook Pro.

    … damn the Danish prices!

  • Eric

    I think the point trying to be made is not whats the newest tech. More, do u want what's here or wait until the BIG update, apple releases a yearly refresh so those who know who don't have the money to buy a new one each year, that in my opinion, is who this is mostly directed to,

    2012 – get the new out side look and performance but have to wait a while
    Now – get whats still pretty epic but looks the same, but not have to wait

    Not who's getting this cuz they want it

  • dilin

    the next mbp might get oled apple logos .. =D

  • Mike

    I am quite glad to hear this info. I have a three-year-old MBP and it does just fine, however I was thinking that I'd like to upgrade. I don't really need to, but would like to. Based on this info I will likely wait until 2012 for one of two reasons. I may love the new design and go for that, or I may be able to pick up the 2011 model for a few bucks less when the 2012 model comes out.

  • Mady

    Waiting for the new one while I use my old laptop. Tired of the current design already. Waiting another year wouldn't hurt versus reselling later would.

  • MelloS

    Its true, if you were holding your breath for a redesign like I was, its quite dissapointing. The question of whether to wait or buy depends largely on whether you already have a notebook NOW.

    At the moment, I do not, and I cant see myself selling a refreshed MBP next year, not only for wasting so much money, but I dont want the headache of wiping my personal data. Its true, the 'design' shouldnt be the most important element of the notebook, but at this price range you should be happy with all of it, especially if you enjoy product design and look forward to a refresh. At this rate, I think Im just gonna buy the Lamborghini VX7 notebook and buy an Imac instead. I cant wait forever.

  • Chris

    Yes and if you continue to wait there will be a newer and better model. There is always a newer and better model coming out. That didn't stop millions from purchasing the first generation iPad. It won't stop me from putting down some serious change on a new Macbook Pro.

    • Chilly

      I'm typing this on my 1st gen iPad and I don't care about the 2nd gen. I like my 1st gen nice and sturdy the 2nd looks like if I put too much pressure on the middle it will snap in half. I need something rugged

  • Hans

    Hey thanks for all the down to earth no bs posts. Im in the situation poster #2 wrote about: buying a MBP because I *need* to buy a laptop. Sure, I'd love to be able to just wait until next year to buy the re-designed model, but will have to settle with the current refresh.

    All in all the MBP is pretty awesome, I bought the 13in last week in Best Buy and will return it tomorrow to get the refresh at the local apple store (Student Discount!!!)

  • NorisDesign

    I agree. As soon as you buy something within about two months it's considered old. Sucks but that's the way it is. Althought I have heard that the new one wil be black. Anyone else read this?

    • hubcap

      i don't see them doing that for the pro as its been in a aluminum body for some time now!

    • e2design

      I think a Black MBP would be extremely sexy.

  • Ottavio

    I agree! People should maybe get used to buying a product and holding on to it for a good few years, or until it gets so old and slow that an upgrade is necessary. It's about truly being satisfied with what you buy, take time to think before making any purchase, and when you decide to have it, cherish it, enjoy it, and most of all don't envy the person who has the most up to date model, it's a fact of life so deal with it. In my opinion, the current MBP is very beautifully designed, and if 2011 only sees hardware upgrades…then be it so!

    • Ben Katz

      I agree with you, i've had a macbook for 5 years and it's just about going and it obviously needs an upgrade, I would never buy an apple product which is no better/ just a bit better than mine just for the look of it. Although to be fair, lots of people are tempted to because if you have the new high tech product (be it any generalistic idolised product) then it is seen, in a materialistic society which we have/ are in, as a fasion statement that would undoubtedly cause lots of envious and jealous judgements of you from other people, but in that sense (cherish it, enjoy it, and most of all don't envy the person who has the most up to date model) you are very right, in my point of view, anyway.

  • Daniel

    I've waited too long for this one to wait another year for a design overhaul, so I'll be buying the 2011 Macbook Pro.

  • john

    this is a completely stupid post. have you ever thought that people may buy a macbook because they need one? not because they want to have the newest design or whatever your thinking is. technology moves so fast that there is no point in waiting for the "next model" because it will become outdated within six months.

    • robertfrankliro

      Dude your out of line here, are you kidding, if you finally saved hard cash to buy a Maybach, I guess you would buy and drive the old one right hahaha lol:-) Were talking about Apple , I guess your still on a PC Whaaaaaaaaa. Consider just the value of a your new2011 bought Mac and the price devaluation when a new 2012 line comes out. Cheers and good luck, know ya be crying faul next year!

      • Richard

        The guy just made a very valid point, you seem very immature and nasty.