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Apple Store Down in 2011, MacBook Pro Anyone?

We thought we would visit the Apple Store just to see if there had been any new devices appear, but it seems as if the Apple Store is down, which could be for the 2011 MacBook Pro. This is all speculation of course, but what else could it be for? We know that the online store has gone down before for no reason, but with all the rumors of a new model, how could it be for anything else?

It’s not certain how long the website has been down for, but our guess is about half an hour. How long it will be down for is anyone’s guess, but once back up we will have to look out for new next to the MacBook Pro. So what can we expect from the refresh?

You have to remember that this is all guess work, but an improved processor and the all new Thunderbolt/Light Peak port is just two updates. We had hoped to see a thinner design, but this might not happen until a major update in 2012, which we recently discussed.

There was hope that the new MacBook Air would be launched around the same time as the MacBook Pro, but the slimmer model only had an update towards the end of 2010, so we might have to wait a few months yet. The next time the Apple Store will go down will be the release of the iPad 2 in April, although this is expected to just be a 1.5 version. The iPad could be released later this year and is rumored to be the true 2nd-generation iPad.

Is the App Store down for the 2011 MacBook pro refresh?



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