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Alter Ego Name Generator, Apps for Ideas

Throughout our life we pick up nicknames, some of us are very proud of them, while others like me are a little embarrassed. However, times have changed for us, and now as we all have an online presence, such as online gaming, forums or even social networking sites we tend to go by other names, but how do you choose one. Well that’s easy, as you can use the number of alter ego name generator apps that appear on iTunes for some great ideas.

While looking around we came across a handful of name generator apps, all in different categories. The first is called iWNG – Wrestling Name Generator and costs just $0.99. All you need to do is put your real name, their example is JC Allen, and the alter ego name generated was Gentleman Legend.

Next up we have Movie Name Generator; this app is free and gives you a Hollywood action movie name. None of these names are created by humans, it’s all done by random. Their app looks at all the adjectives/adverbs from other movie names and applies them to your real name.

The A+ Name Generator – Funny Names for You and Your Friends! is certainly a bit of a mouthful, but the $0.99 price is certainly easy to swallow. Just enter your first and last name, select your gender and then select “Who Am I”. You can then change what your alter ego name will be if you were a movie star, politician, mafia etc.

Finally we have the Vampire Name Generator; again this app is free. There is no denying that vampires are all the rage at the moment, and you cannot tell us that you have not sat there and thought what your name would be if you were a blood sucker?

These are just a few apps to give you an idea of what your alter ego name could be, but what is yours?



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