New Macbook Pro 2011: Specs and Price before Release – Real?

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2011

Following on from our earlier report which seemingly pinpointed the arrival of the Macbook Pro on February 24th, a new report has detailed a full list of new specs for the Macbook Pro refresh, some of which mention features which we’ve already told you about.

As reported from Apple Insider, an article published over at French website Mac Generation has dished the dirt on what is expected in the new Macbook Pro models, although this information is all according to their ‘trusted source’.

Since we haven’t heard a full list of specs prior to this report though, you’ll definitely want to know what has been said. Firstly, it looks like that feature we mentioned a few days ago, in which Apple will be equipping Macbook Pro models with an SSD drive to boot up Mac OS X is now all but confirmed. The drives have now been identified as 16GB Go SSD mSATA drives.

It looks like Apple will once again continue to offer varied specifications depending on which size Macbook Pro you choose to buy, but the good news is that 13-inch models could replace the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with a much faster Core i3 chip. Other specific features to the 13-inch model could be the inclusion of 3 USB ports – another minor refresh which could make all the difference with consumers.

Other features of the 13-inch model include an optional matte screen and an impressive 12 hours of battery life. Mac Generation has even put pricing down for the new models, as they believe Apple’s two 13-inch models will be available for €1,199 and €1,499.

They have also listed information for the 15-inch and 17-inch new Macbook Pro models, head to their website above for the details. We remind you again that this information hasn’t been verified yet, but it’s a pretty huge leak if you think about it.

What are your thoughts on the specs mentioned? We think that 12 hours of battery life is a major incentive for picking this up, and the price was always going to be pretty high for a new Apple product. We’re glad that the processors have been upgraded, although theres no mention of glass trackpads which was a rumored feature we told you about recently.

Do you think these specs are real or not? We’ll inform you when we hear more. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Apple store in case of any updates.

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  • I think its 14 day returns no questions asked. i bought my mac on the 14th feb which is why i was hoping for a 24th release date and not march 1st.

    As a customer, i think its reasonable to get a refund or exchange if new products are released so soon after buying.

    i was assured this by the mac store guy because i asked what would happen if new models were released and he said to return within 14 days. This was before any launch date rumours. So i guess i'm lucky.

    To all those past 14 days. Apple Macbooks retain their value very well so you could try to privately sell it. (to someone who won't know about newer models just being released)

    • potent

      hiya buddy, i purchased mine on the 11th of feb and im hoping to go down 2mo be it the 14th day…. cutting it fine! but i have lost the paper receipt BUT i have an email duplicate sent by apple 🙂 will that be good do u know ? a ridiculous question i know but i am literally crying with excitement…… QUAD CORE i7!!!!

    • Tobias

      I got mine like the 1. february…. 🙁 Is there any way? Any sort of recycling stuff, any way of refunding, in order to get the new models?? Exchange program or i dno? Im devastated since spending sooo much money on a 15" MBP and now watching it getting updated with insane specs…

      Please! Any help is appreciated.
      feel free to email replies to:

  • Tommy Oliver

    I just purchased my 13inch macbook pro a week ago and I just found out about the new models arriving this week. Thank goodness I have 14 days to return this. Does anyone know if I'm able to return it legitimately or do I have to come up with some type of excuse to return it and exchange for the newer model?

  • bdave

    Hi, I have a question. I recently bought a macbook pro last jan 29. What do you think are my options? Is there anyway I can get the new mbp's?

    • Alan Ng

      Are you still under Warranty with the retailer? If so, why not just get a refund and save the money for the new Macbook Pros?

      If not, it might just be a case of bad luck I'm afraid!

  • There are people who will buy it because they want a better Pro and want to stay with Apple but Sony with a new Vaio with 2nd piggy back battery and Samsung ZX310 with its super strong case are also worth a look.


    As one who JUST purchased the current version of the 13 inch laptop, after hearing about these specs, if they hold up, I am going to be returning it for the latest version. (And on the 14th day of my return policy eligibility time period. Talk about cutting it close!)

    • chris

      I am doing the same ( 10 days into it) hope it works out well!

    • potent

      hahahaha i'm hoping to do the same with my 15" mbp 🙂 on the 14th day too i hope ity works for us all