New HP EliteBook 8460p / 8560p: MacBook Pro Contenders

By Peter Chubb - Feb 23, 2011

Over the past couple of days the number of laptops that we have looked at certainly show Apple how it is done when it comes to battery life. Two such models were the Lenevo ThinkPad T420 and the Sony VAIO S Series Slim. However, there are now two more, the HP EliteBook 8460p and 8560p MacBook Pro contenders.

We all know that it is just more than battery life alone, and the Pro has one thing going in its favor that HP cannot compete with – Mac OS X. The EliteBook is steered more towards the business user; something that Apple has been doing for years. It is funny how more laptop makers are copying the MacBook Pro design and going for metal cases, which the 8460p and 8560p are both guilty of.

What makes these two devices so different to their Apple equivalent is how you can easily get to the hard drive and the RAM, both of which will have the choice of an Intel i3, i5, and i7 CPU and up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM. The biggest seller for these laptops will be the battery, with expectations of up to 32 hours, which Engadget explains is done by using “extended battery configurations.”

CNET News says that both models will benefit from USB 3 – not like Light Peak, rumored for the new MacBook Pro – and will be released in March. Prices are expected to start at $999.99. HP describes this new range as rugged, and optimized for the business user. Visit the official HP website for an overview and features for the EliteBook 8460p and 8560p Notebook.

Can the new HP EliteBook P Series range take on the new MacBook Pro?

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  • Indrek

    Why do people insist on comparing a consumer-class laptop like the Macbook Pro with business-class machines like EliteBooks or ThinkPads? Next thing you'll be claiming that the MBP somehow competes with mobile workstations like Precisions or the w-series EliteBooks.

    One gets a Macbook/MBP if one wants/needs OS X, thinness and form over function. One gets a business-class machine if one wants/needs professional support, performance and reliability.

    • Sjoerd

      I have been using a 8510w for over 2 years and have both battery and display replaced with good service. HP support for the higb end Nvidia cards however is just no there. Drivers are over two years old and I
      currently experiencing BSOD over 10 per week without any chance to update drivers or take full advantage of the cards capabilities. When it would fit my business I would take the MBP any time!

      • Tommy

        have you considered using drivers made from nvidia? My gf have a MBP 13" and the driver updates aren't any better than HP's. Go for the original drivers (nvidia) they will also deliver the best performance.

      • Indrek

        Yeah, just get drivers straight from nVidia. Consider that the 8510w is almost 4 years old. HP has released two generations of workstations since, and is about to release the third. It's not too surprising they're not updating drivers for your model anymore.

        Also, BSODs can be caused by hardware issues as well. You could try contacting HP's support, or if the machine is still under warranty, send it in for repair/replacement.