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Motorola Xoom: Adobe Flash 10.2 Status Update For Early Buyers

We have an update for those of you who are planning on picking up a Motorola Xoom tablet, but are worried about the sitation involving the surprising lack of support for Adobe Flash Player.

It’s strange to think that a device with powerhouse hardware specs such as the Motorola Xoom would ship without a simple Flash plugin, but that’s going to be the case for everyone who decides to pick one up on Thursday.

The good however, is that Adobe are already working hard to rectify the situation, and a new statement by them confirms that the Motorola Xoom will be the first device to receive version 10.2 of Adobe Flash Player. Here’s the complete message by Adobe as reported by Engadget:

“Flash Player 10.2 [will be] pre-installed on some tablets and as an OTA download on others within a few weeks of Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) devices becoming available, the first of which is expected to be the Motorola Xoom.”

Hopefully Adobe sticks to their word and it is indeed only a few weeks until Xoom owners can view flash content. If you’re planning to buy a Xoom tomorrow, get in touch with us. Is the lack of Flash support a major issue for you or not?

If you want another look at the device before you get one, we’ve included an unboxing video for you to watch below.



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