Killzone 3 Vs Call of Duty: Black Ops – Which game is better?

By Alan Ng - Feb 23, 2011

To kick off the inevitable comparisons that are going to be splattered all over the internet, we’re going to get the ball rolling by asking PS3 users if you think the recently released Killzone 3 game is better or worse than stable FPS Call of Duty: Black Ops.

We realise that the game has only just been released in the US, and isn’t even out in the UK until Friday, but we also know that many of you still find a way to pick up games days, sometimes weeks before their intended ship date.

With this in mind, what are your immediate thoughts on what Killzone 3 has to offer? Have you made the decision to start with campaign mode, or have you gone straight into action on Guerilla’s multiplayer servers?

A word of caution though, the campaign mode of Killzone 3 is meant to be one of the weak points of the game, as an article we’ve picked out over at MTV Multiplayer believes that the campaign is a good enough reason ‘not to buy the game’ – pretty harsh you may think.

But on the other hand, the multiplayer element of Killzone 3 looks to be even better than what was offered in Killzone 2. The multiplayer in KZ2 was pretty excellent I thought, so it’s refreshing to see so many positive comments about multiplayer in Killzone 3. MTV think that the multiplayer is definitely one of the ‘best experiences’ on the PS3, but what do you think?

If you have already sampled multiplayer mode, does it beat Call of Duty easily, or is it not quite up to scratch in your opinion? We’ll created a poll below for you to have your say on this – we’ll be posting the results at a later stage.

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  • Jazzuchivellezide

    i am a die hard killzone fan, i have not played killzone1 unfortunately, but killzone2 caught from rigth there. i think it is better than call of duty not because i’m a fan-i’m also a fan of call of duty. but to me it is better because of certain aspects. 1-it has a more interesting storyline; dealing  with planet colonization, a war between planets and different human factions. 2-more interesting and visually stunning environments. 3-great characters on both the ISA and Helghan side; especially the swagger of the helghast polititions. 4-though it is a war between humans and a race of evolved humans it still feels like a alien war; with the wicked weaons like the boltgun, W.A.S.P, and petrucite gun in kz3. 5-online gameplay is more enjoyable because of the larger number of players-you even revive downed teammates in a team match. the obyainable perks make sense because the have o go out and kill to get them, which means less camping and more playing. those are my reasons for liking it more then cod, if anyone out there isagrees please let me know.

  • damniHopeiDontmessUp

    _ _ _______ ______
    | | / |_______|_______/
    | | / / __ ____
    | |< < / / (___
    | | / /____ _____) )
    |_| _|_owns_|______/

  • damniHopeiDontmessUp

    _ _ _______ ______
    | | / |_______|_______/
    | | / / __ ____
    | |< < / / (___
    | | / /____ _____) )
    |_| _|_owns_|______/

  • damniHopeiDontmessUp

    _ _ _______ ______
    | | / |_______|_______/
    | | / / __ ____
    | |< < / / (___
    | | / /____ _____) )
    |_| _|_owns_|______/

  • Baraa

    what is wrong with u people there both: mature 17+,shooting,$59.99,and strong coarse language i traded kz3 for cod bo was that stupid or not. please reply and tell me if that was stupid or not vote: boooottthhh kz3 and cod bo ………… peace out

  • -_-

    i've played cod and completed the story line, tbh i think the graphics were not amazing but i am getting kz3 soon, hopefully the storyline and graphics will dominate. Also the multiplayer on cod has really set a standerd, but kz3 looks great 😀

  • Kid with a PS3

    I haven't played KZ yet, but I've been bored of CoD but still playing it for a year. Just watching KZ 3 is actually interesting, instead of watching a CoD video(with people in fake low pitched voices talking about k/d's & their "youtube career"). KZ looks legit. Actual fun, not just using up all the content and spending the next ten hours trying to get the same kills over and over. I'll probably just go out and get KZ first thing tomorrow. Plus I'll make my Xbox friends jealous (when they're not whining).

  • vladatzar

    ….and kz3 supports move!
    I love laying in the bed, and killing with move.
    Precize, accurate and deadly!

  • Defender of PS3

    Killzone 3 is far superior from the campaign mode to multiplayer i played 3 days worth of killzone and went back to cod and didnt know what i was doing played 3 days of cod went to killzone and picked up on the controls in a second the classes are beast and requires more skill than just spraying and praying on cod

  • Users

    I have played both CODBO and KZ 3, I think KZ 3 is more challenging than CODBO..
    And the graphic is waaaaaayy more detail and cool..
    Vote for KZ3 . 🙂

    • Baraa

      i use to have killzone 3 then i traded it for cod bo

  • redman

    killzone on ps2 was the best.
    when i played killzone 2 on ps3 i felt i had wasted my money and went straight back to cod. i havnt played the new killzone 3 yet put i am affraid ill waste my money again.

  • guest1234

    I have to agree call of dutys much better than kill zone 3. especially

  • John

    Black ops is better just because of zombies don't get me wrong kill zones still fun as well

  • Zise

    I just dont like when aiming down sights on killzone it doesnt affect speed ur as tho ur still hipfiring thats the only bad thing I have to say about it. I really love this game but that part dissapoints me

  • Dashawn

    Killzone 3 is better than Call of Duty: Black Ops. It offers a more challenging gameplay experience as well as stunning visuals. After playing KZ3 for about an hour and a half, I couldn't help but notice how far superior KZ3's graphics and animation was of COD. The Campaign surprised me. I've also read reviews where people knock the campaign, but I thought it was very engaging and kept me wanting more. The multiplayer is also a knockout and in comparison to COD, it is waaay more challenging and satisfying to kill other players. Overall Killzone 3 is 9.5 and CODBO is 8.5

  • Bailey

    Stable Black ops. lulz.

    • TheM

      no they are not copying they are improving from the first and second killzone… it is in many ways the other way round

  • Erickson

    i think black ops is better i dont like the gameplay if killzone it sucks its trying to copy black ops

    • trickghost92

      There is no way killzone 3 is coping black ops. I respect that you enjoy black ops over killzone 3. theey are 2 completely different games.

    • anon

      Just had to say this makes no sense.

      COD is for your run n' gun action. There's not much depth, unless you think classes are incredibly intellectually challenging.
      Killzone 3 is your squad-based game where the team with better support and strategy wins. You can't win the game on your own.

      So, it really depends on which style you like better.

  • yrtyu


  • Desim

    I've never played Killzone, but I think if they changed the front cover making it more inviting would be a good start. I'm hearing good things about killzone, so I guess I'll go get a copy…but the cover sucks!

    • trickghost92

      I don't buy a game for its cover. Killzone 3 is by far superior in every aspect. Online i have seen no lag!!! In Cod BlACK OPS every three games laggs out..

  • The Bro

    Yes Killzone may have it's weak points, although Call of Duty is not perfect it's self.
    Call is currently the highest rated and popular game on the market right now, even if no one knew about
    Killzone, it does not make it a bad game.
    I have chatted a lot with some COD fans and for some reason, I feel like I don't fit in.
    Maybe it's because I'm not trigger happy, Dominant, Ego.
    Most the people I talked to about COD were obsessed with power and when confronted with a huge door
    Made out of invincible materials, they were complaining about ( not having a rocket launcher, to blow it up?
    Anyways, if I learned anything it's that COD fans hate taking even one single break from the action.
    Hey, who doesn't?
    On the other hand I chatted with some Killzone fans and they had a blast telling me every single detail.
    From in the action to disarming explosives and realistic dual shock controller movement to use some
    Unique devices inside Killzone, I found myself fitting in a lot more, and the online gameplay had out beaten
    Any other game in my mind.
    For this one, I'm going to move away from the crowd this time around and vote for Killzone 3, who needs Dominant, Ego, Trash talking, game haters in the world?! 🙁
    Graphics are great and the story could be improved, the game is addicting, and I love it.
    This is the review I give Killzone 3, along with the 5 star rating- 10 out of 10.

    • dan

      you kbow what your talking about i respect that.

  • Mike

    I can't agree more!!

  • Ethan

    The campaign is fine! I've already beaten the game (6 hours) and the campaign alone warrants a buy! I really don't understand all of the complaints about it. I started playing and couldn't stop playing.

    Haven't played the multiplayer yet, but this game is already way more fun the Black Ops by a ton. Graphically stunning, awesome gameplay and melee's, and a much deeper multiplayer the COD offers warrants this game a must-buy.

    • Mike

      I can't agree more! I'm playing it in 3D and it's surreal. The ironman heads up display at the beginning was sick! Graphics are superb!