iPhone 5 in September weighs on buyers

If you have been keeping yourself up to date with the latest news surrounding the iPhone 5 release, you’ll probably be aware that there are rumors speculating that Apple has delayed the release of the phone until after Summer.

We first mentioned about this in our previous report here, but now we want to get your thoughts on it – this is not your average smartphone delay we’re talking about here after all, it’s the fifth generation iPhone.

While the news obviously isn’t official yet, a delayed release definitely isn’t unthinkable – just look what happened with the white iPhone 4, due out Summer last year, but still hasn’t managed to reach the Apple store for sale. An article over at Business Insider states that Apple has run into iPhone 5 component problems with chip vendors, and that a release in September is far more likely to happen now, than a release happening in Summer.

It’s almost unthinkable to imagine no iPhone being shown at WWDC 2011, so what are your thoughts on this. Has the speculation got a little out of hand here, or do you actually think a delay could be an outcome by the time Summer approaches? With all the recent information regarding releases for new Macbook Pro models and a special event for the iPad 2 at the start of March, we shouldn’t forget about the iPhone 5 here – arguably the most desired device out of the three.

Here is a quick question for you. If it turns out that the iPhone 5 HAS been delayed, would you still be willing to buy one in September, or would you take your money elsewhere out of frustration? We’ve included a poll below for you to have your say on it.

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