iPad 2 Official Launch Event: Live Blog Time

By Peter Chubb - Feb 28, 2011

There was a huge amount of speculation concerning Apple’s tablet yesterday, but we can now tell you that the iPad 2 official launch event will take place on March 2nd. The live blog time for the iPad 2 media event is said to start at 10:00 am PST. Cupertino do not have that long to put together the media event, and is expected to come hot on the heels of the new MacBook pro 2011 refresh.

The likes of TechRadar, Engadget, Apple Insider and Mac Rumors has all received their media invites, which is to take place in San Francisco at the not so surprising Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. We are still not certain if the next iPad will be released in April or be delayed until just before the release of the iPhone 5, which we recently reported?

One thing we do know, some of those who were thinking of getting the new Motorola Xoom tomorrow will now hold off and see what the iPad 2 will have compared to the first Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet. This is a huge blow for Motorola, but this is not the first and will not be the last time that Apple has stolen its thunder.

According to Apple Insider Apple is expected to initially build 1.9 million Wi-Fi only units, 2.3 million Wi-Fi/3G GSM models and 800,000 CDMA Wi-Fi/GSM units. We are still not certain what hardware improvements we will see, but we could expect to see a new Light Peak/Thunderbolt port, which is said to offer a faster transfer rate than USB 3.0.

So we know that the iPad 2 is coming, the question is when?

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  • norbi

    what time does the thing realley start and would it be live on tv

  • norbi

    what time does it start and would it be on tv or something

  • Tommiegunn

    I just want to see where this thing goes . This whole thing is like a soap opera for geeks ! I like the Ipad as well as the xoom , but who will provide more bang for the buck ?? Apple has changed the game , but can they hold on to that legacy ? The xoom has already taken there Idea and took it further ….

  • that guy

    Awesome? Sure…
    Price? not so much.. like they say history is a bitch.

  • Kron

    Amazing to see morons like "Me no like motorola" coherent enough to come out of their dazed and confused state of iCrAppleholic induced stupor to make such a claim! ….first off those buying a Motorola Xoom tablet are doing so because they are comparing a given set of specs with the fantasy CrApple has presented to the World. False promises is what CrApple has always lived on. The promise that relies whole heartedly on Motorola having invented this mobile technology in the first place. If it wasn't for Motorola….. you have either an iPhone or iFad on the market today!!!

    History has already proven that closed Garden Walled Ecosystems will always reach a limit whereas they can no longer remain contained within a controlled environment. That limit is not really that far off. Then Chaos Theory takes over and all those within will seek to get out all at once. Just like they did for Compuserve's World Within World and AOL's America Online (AOL HELL)!!! ….the difference between Chaos and Organized Control lies only in CrApple's Day to Day Market Cap Valuation that can crumble in minutes on speculation alone. Any real market facts get revealed and the whole iCrApplelistic Bubble can burst in a heartbeat!!!

    • John Rowers

      Wow its so incredible that you have all the CrAnswers figURLed out. I am sure that some day SnApple will fall. Until then, the article raises a very valid POInt. I know you think that the world is sitting on 2 different sides of a line and that on one side there is the Appleholics and on the other side there are the "enlightened PC lovers". Sadly for you that just isnt true. People under the age of 30 who DONT spend lots of time on the computer like we do DO NOT GIVE A SHIT, and if they saw the xoom and wanted to get it and then heard that apple was coming out with a new product within 2 weeks then they would most likely decide to at least wait and see. Even though you probably have some bullshit theory about apple and bullshit products you MUST give them credit for their chess like precision! They LOVE the fact that xoom requires an activation with Verizon, it made EVERYONE take a step back and ask if the xoom was still worth it. THEN jobs coincidentally announces the apple press release 2 days before xoom release? Apple is smart, they didnt do this for shits and giggles, they did it to sock motorola in the in face. Also, motorola didnt invent the tablet, you sir are full of shit.

    • norbi

      can i just ask what time does it start and would it be live

  • Me no like motorola

    I hope the iPad 2 destroys Motorola. Down with Motorola. I'm so happy this announcement came out today, just before the Motorola Xoom was due to come out tomorrow. Steal that thunder from the lying Motorola and kill their Xoom sales. 😉