CoD Black Ops Server Update – Causes Temporary Problems

By Jamie Pert - Feb 23, 2011

Today we have had some reports of Black Ops problems and disconnects which seem to be affecting both Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers, the good news is that it is not a problem with your setup, in fact Treyarch has been busy carrying out a CoD Black Ops server update.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops servers are online, however are not as stable as they usually are, according to the offical Black Ops status pages,, Xbox 360 server status has been downgraded to “Defcon 4”,whilst PS3 servers have been downgraded to “Defcon 3”.

From what we can see the servers should be back to normal soon, the scheduled maintenance should be finished by the end of the day today (February 22nd, 2011), you can check your console’s Black Ops server status for yourself here (you can choose either Xbox 360, PS3, Wii or PC at the bottom of the page).

Hopefully the scheduled maintenance will improve things in the long run, perhaps Treyarch wanted to improve things before the First Strike Pack hits the PlayStation Network, let’s face it this will put a lot of extra stress on the game’s servers.

We would love to hear from you if you have noticed poor server stability today and frequent disconnects, let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Klossa1945

    This last patch meesed up the sensitivity when looking around and aiming…….hard to put the cross hair on another player

  • i have got a problem onlne, my black ops just updated but no1 elces didnt now i cant join my friends in session what do i do ?

  • kurtino33

    i cant go in party with my friend wth?? and cant hear him with headset

  • denis

    this is just stupid,evry time some problems with call of buy to play the game and some just hack program the fuck thet up……………ps3,//so fix the fucking problem

  • jay

    xbox 360 should not charger for gold membership if they can not run the severs propel

  • Guest

    The whole point of buying xbox live was to play this game online and i havent been able to for weeks , if this doesnt change soon i wont buy another title from this manufacturer

  • fangelrose

    Black ops sucks! It hasnt been working all day! Smell my ass

  • RMH

    It's damn near impossible to connect on Xbox live which is pretty frustrating as it's the main reason why I purchased the game. When I am fortunate enough to connect it cuts out during the game. I know it's pathetic to complain but damn it's annoying when you want some downtime to play an excellent game and you are unable to.

  • ario

    Have open nat etc keeps attempting game connect only to say no available games. Come on!

  • Norm

    Playing hardcore search, G11 low powered scope, aiming right at a guy chest, hit maker I'm fine with that, he comes back in the same exact spot but closer and I'm shooting in a straight line the whole time shot 30+ bullets, no hit marker & I die. Wtf is dat bs! I instantly turned off my ps3. Cuz dat was straight s#!t. Ps3 servers are beyond garbage. Idk if its just Sacramento or California or just the west coast but ever since last month the servers have been straight s#!t completely. & btw I'm on Ethernet connection & it showed I had four connect bars, pssh yea f**ckn right. Horrible lags

  • ben

    second day in a row getting kicked off while searching for a game.this was my first treyarch purchase and more then likely my last too

  • Loius

    I cant believe it i hav a xbox and its not working!!!
    They should fix this or they might lose a gamer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • marko

    cant do shit. no xbox live menu at all

  • Iwanashoot

    Tango down>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wtf

  • Ryan

    I am having the same issue. And if I do get on I get booted off within minutes. Most likley my last treyarc purchase…

  • Ctown Fifty

    same as ray, im in the state college area this shit is pissing me off

  • ray

    yeah i cant even get to the xbox live screen. it says connecting for a minute straight and nothing happens. then a screen comes up saying error the call of duty black ops server is not available at this time please try again later. this is whack

  • MIke

    Major lag on PS3 last night (2-22-11) on Black Ops. You could easily tell who was lagging between those without lag.I had to unload my whole mag to get one kill. Also couldn't join any friends in public games. I have every version of COD and have decided this will be my last COD purchase if the Lag issues are not corrected soon.

  • ripperkip

    been playing the last 3 nights – my cable router directly into the back of the ps3 (nat type 1) – no problems whatsoever, i find wireless connection unplayable and through the (netgear) router the nat type changes to type 2.

    Did over 100 revives last night – lol n00bs

  • mellie

    Same freezing up to the point I have to unplus ps3 console. Very frustrating. Hoping this will be fixed soon.

  • ben

    when isthis going to get fixed still kicking me off starting to hate this game

  • Mjhartley

    I can't even get on. It just freezes the station.

  • jsw …69

    terrible lag lastnite,played 1 game,was hours behind…..tonite just freezes,my love affair with both cod & ps3 is waning

  • yep been happening to mee too

    • biddy

      Black ops server down in sunderland area as of 24/2/2011 @ 01:50

  • ben

    Have been getting kicked off all morning starting to dilike this very much.

  • Sean Goodearl

    i was trying to play all day and just kept getting kicked out! i got so pissedoff..

  • Darryl DuBose

    I have a PS3 and played last night. The system timed out (Sychnronizing) on four games in a row. The frustration level is ay defcon 4.

    • treyarchhater

      My ps3 keeps saying the server is not available, yet when i check it is saying defcon 5, This is by far the worst cod yet, tyreyarch sucks dead goats cocks