24-hours to New Macbook Pro, switching from windows

By Peter Chubb - Feb 23, 2011

With recent news suggesting that there is just 24-hours to the new Macbook Pro, we thought we would take a look at when people decide is the breaking point when it comes to switching from windows? Maybe the 2011 refresh of the Pro will be the tipping point when it comes to jumping from Microsoft to Apple?

There have always been two main reasons why consumers are put off moving over to Mac; first is the price and second is Mac OS. Having spoken to a number of friends and family members they have said that they would love to make the switch, but Mac just seems far too complicated. We can agree with you on that point, but it is not until you start using it that you realize just how simple it is.

For years consumers have thought that Windows was the only solution for them, and some of the writers here on PR including me were stuck in a rut. However, it was only after being sick of the constant issues with Windows and having to run a number of utility programs to keep things running smoothly will you decide that enough is enough.

There are still millions of Apple Mac virgins out there, and some will tell you that they have now started to think about the possibility of moving to Mac because of the iPhone or iPad. We know that they run on a different OS, but you get the idea of how slick it all is.

If you are sitting there now and have had your Windows device on for a few days, you will then get to notice how slow it all gets, if you did have the chance to get yourself a MacBook Pro, Air or iMac, then you will never need worry about that issue. We are not saying that they never slow down, and that they are better than Windows in any way, as we all have our own opinions.

This article has been a little more biased than I had hoped, its just having owned both Windows and Mac, there is only a small percentage of users that go back to Microsoft. If Apple do offer a great deal on the new MacBook Pro tomorrow, then now could be the right time for you to defect.

When is the right time to move from Windows to Mac

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  • Ken

    Macs just work – didn't have any problems converting from windows. I've used a macbook for business for the last 4 years and interact with my customers who run windows and my customers do not notice the difference. I don't have to spend hours sorting out windows related problems – the time I have wasted over the years because of stupid windows related faults and error messages. I just don't have similar problems on a mac which makes my working life more productive. On the issue of cost, yes it did cost more to buy, but so far it has outlasted my 2 previous windows laptops and so has actually been cheaper.

  • Brigitte

    I've had an Apple iBook since 2005. The change was frustrating at first, and although I never liked any PC laptop's right-click button, it took me a long time to stop missing it. But at this point, I wouldn't want to go back to a PC: Macs are too easy, smooth, timeless, relatively impervious to viruses, and so damned good looking. I'm trolling google in avid anticipation of a new MacBook Pro today. Macs are pricey, but over six years ago I bought my iBook for $1000, and it's served me faithfully ever since, never even needing a new battery; my husband has bought three Dell laptops since we were in college, all of which have been burning-hot catastrophes, the affordability of which will never offset the rapidity with which they've had to be replaced and the documents they took down with them.

  • that guy

    Love that macbook pro, hate the price. Yes it apple, however their price it unacceptable for the hardware/software they give us. They really have to open up and notice that the competition is getting there game up. Not only computer wise but portable media devices too. A 700 dollar computer with listen to this, reasonable spec's; not silly hardware thats worth half of that which we pay.

  • Slow Sandy

    Windows is a far better operating system – it's just not 'cool' to say so. Secondly, the Mac OS is not intuitive, easy to use or any of those things. In fact it's often very messy and confusing.

    I'm considering the next Macbook Pro or Air as a switch from a ThinkPad but the decision is 70% hardware. If they sold Windows on Apple hardware I wouldn't think twice.

    • Max Gibbins

      Hello you can just buy a Mac and get Bootcamp and a copy of Windows 7 and hey presto Windows on Apple hardware

  • Jim Linder

    Switched two years ago when I needed a new laptop. Since then switched my desktop and two computers at work. To be honest, never used Vista or 7, so don't know about current Windows products. But my MacBook Pro kills over anything I used before. Ahem, It Just Works!

  • yes, you are right! this article was way too biased! which version of Windows you used to have? Windows 2000/XP? there is not slow down issue with Windows Vista or Windows 7. I'm a software developer, My wife has a Mac.The more I work with Mac, the more I appreciate Windows 7. Btw, I don't remember the last time I restarted my PC! It's always on, 24/7.

  • kda

    For geeks, the only way to go would be a Macbook Pro running Windows 7. So many possiblities in such a nice package.

    • That's exactly what I've just done. I'm still in my 14 day return period though

  • Candy Fernandez

    I have a MacBook Pro and is boring. I love my Windows computers with all the crazynest.

  • marhorn

    Never! I had a Mac and the thing ended up being slower than a turtle…on Valium! I switched back, ditched my iphone and went with the new Windows phone and I have not being happier! Its just sooo smooth having Windows 7 on the laptop and phone! (not to mention the money saver that is Zune! The only reason to switch is if your deep into sound production or sound engineering!

    • Evan

      Thanks for your input Bill Gates…

    • Liar! Those junk windows products… you just use that because it's all you know.

    • Andrew

      Sound production/engineering takes minimal processor power I used to be able to do this with the Macbook with minimal fuss, however when it comes to video editing get a pc the mac book won't cut HD footage. Sold mac book pro and now have a window 7 laptop and i5 processor, does everything the Macbook could not, like editing HD footage.