Windows 7 SP1 Update: Release Time Imminent

By Jamie Pert - Feb 22, 2011

You may remember 11 days ago we reported that Windows 7 service pack 1 would launch on February 22nd, well today is that day and according to TheRegister the launch is imminent.

An exact time as to when it will go live is currently unknown, however for the past hour or so I have been pressing “Check for Updates” on my Windows 7 laptop and nothing has shown up just yet.

Service Pack 1 is the first service pack release to be rolled out for Windows 7, Windows 7 was launched back in October 2009 and has certainly been received much better than Vista ever was, let’s just hope Microsoft do not mess up the stable and fast OS with this update.

If you are unfamiliar with service packs and want to know more about Windows 7 SP1 you should check out MonstersAndCritics, here they sum up what SP1 will consist of, whether you should install it and how you install it, their article also answers a lot of other little questions which less knowledgeable readers may find handy.

As and when you receive the update we would love to hear from you, let us know how the installation went in the comments section below…

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  • Scooby

    Just got it through updates, no problems so far.