Windows 7 SP1 Download is Live but Slow

By Jamie Pert - Feb 22, 2011

Earlier today we reported that service pack 1 for Windows 7 would be rolled-out imminently, well we were right and we can confirm that it is now live, we have installed it on one of our laptops and things went smoothly, despite the process taking quite a while.

If you have yet seen a notification showing that a new update is available simply go to Start, All Programs, Windows Update, here you must click “Check for Updates”, you should then see service pack 1, simply tick the correct box click OK and then click “Install Updates”, Windows will then install SP1, it is best to leave the computer to do the rest and save your work and close any unnecessary programs.

The download itself will range in size depending on your configuration and which updates you have installed previously, my download was just 86MB in size, however it took quite a while as Microsoft’s servers are probably taking a hammering, the whole process took roughly 1 hour on my Toshiba laptop, and so far I have not noticed any problems, in fact its like nothing has changed at all, which I think is a good thing.

Microsoft will be hoping that the update goes well for all of the Windows 7 users out-there, however some people are bound to be experiencing some problems due to everyone’s computer configurations being unique. Have you noticed any issues? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • mel

    I can simply speak to all and say it sucks…. Its been installing for 3hrs now and still stuck at 8% !!!! It needs alot of work and im pretty sure it wont help the laptop but will only make it slow!!!!!

  • EREZ


  • Gorok

    Very klunky. Super slow SP1 download failed 3 times @ 96% starting at 0% each time. Checked 2 optional updates, which I never install at the same time as "important" updates. When I tried to install them, download of SP1 restarted at 96%, completed, and successfully installed. Wierd. Appears as though SP1 wanted Windows Live! updated, but update failed.

  • Dirk

    Download took some time, installation is taking forever (WIn7 64bit, 4 Gb RAM) and does not progress beyond 8%

  • Kevan

    Extremely slow process even by previous Window SP standards. Whole process (from beginning installation to rebooting and configuring) took well in excess of 2 hours.

    Have not really noticed any changes to software or performance, but have noticed processor appears to be working harder.

  • Brian

    After installation Windows Explorer no longer working. I get an Error message of no file association.

  • Carlos

    After SP1 installation, I started receiving error messages (IE stopped working) every time I exit IE8. Uninstalled SP1 and everything's fine now.

  • Barry

    My Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit Acer has stalled on configuring SP1. It's been stuck for hours at configuring 8% with a warning not to turn off the computer. Everything has been fine with the computer up until now. If nothing happens I'll eventually have to hit the button and that could well screw everything up.

  • krice

    10 min download and install. Works perfect. Win7x64.

  • Kevin

    After entering my password, I get a blank screen with a pointer…which still moves….caps lock or num lock is working but no desktop….attempting to restore back now….
    Not very impressed and won't be installing on my laptop..

  • Clinton

    After installing this service pack my call of duty black ops will not run

    • krice

      COD BO works great with SP1 for me.

    • n8man

      I started having problems with my COD BO too. It is now unplayable because of the mouse input delays. I'm still searching for a good fix.

  • philpotts50

    it completely screwed up my fujitsu-siemens v5535, brought it to its knees on downloading and installing windows 7 sp1, i had to reload by windows 7 completely rebuild it from scratch losing EVERYTHING I had built over the last year. Gutted, and still working on recovery 24 hours later after a wasted day.

  • Bjorn Seigers

    It made my laptop a lot slower..
    Applications are getting up pretty slow now.. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Does not install on dual-boot systems where the first partition is /boot (linux) and the second is Windows NTFS (and there is no Windows System Partition). Pretty lame…

  • Jonathan

    currently stuck at 8% after the computer having rebooted once. it made it to 14% prior to that. and that took some 90 minutes! it is by no means an old computer so surprised me quite a bit. reading the earlier comment I fear mine might fail as well.

  • Hagrinas

    The update worked, except for two problems. The first problem is that my mouse drivers got updated as part of the process. Afterwards, it told me to click on Close, which did not work. Indeed clicking on anything else did not work either. The system appeared hung up. The problem turned out to be that MS mouse settings were disabled until AFTER I clicked the Close button and got into the mouse settings. But I had no way of knowing that. It's not likely to affect right handed users, whose default action for the right mouse button is right-click. But since the left button does nothing at all, why couldn't they make either button work so the system would not seem non-responsive?

    The other problem was sound. It switched my audio default from S/PDIF to HDMI, which it brought up muted. So the sound would have gone to the HDTV being used as a monitor had it been unmuted and had the volume been turned up. It was not a simple matter of switching sources because I had to walk through the entire configuration and specify each supported bit rate. Audio is still screwed up for Media Center. Presumably if I go through the setup process from scratch I will be able to fix it.

  • RiverRat

    Problem on install upon restart the progress gets to only 2% them computer shuts down and only gets to 2% on reload. the I get did not install with Error 0X800f0826. tried several times tried all the fixes I could no good.