The Best Ways to Save Money In a Tight Economy: Top iPhone Apps

In the aftermath of the global recession, it’s not easy to save your hard earned cash in such a tight economy, especially with prices increasing all the time. If you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a selection of apps which will help you to ease a bit of pressure on your wallet.

A great article we’ve found over at the Times Online, lists a top ten of iPhone applications, which have been specifically developed to help consumers save money, with innovative and interesting ideas which you’ll probably overlook whilst maintaining your busy day-to-day routines.

One of the most popular applications is Red Laser, an application which has the ability to scan any product you see in shops or retail stores instantly. Providing your connected to the internet, it will then bring up a product results page, listing price results for the exact product you’ve just scanned, and in most cases – it will make you realise that you can find the same item elsewhere for a much cheaper price.

Moving away from shopping, there’s a great app called ‘Meter Readings’, an inexpensive app which will calculate your household water and energy usage, allowing you to monitor figures closely which will make you realise if you’re spending a bit too much money on water or energy on a particular month. You can check out full details and reviews from publications for Meter Readings at the official website here – We’re sure some of our readers are already familiar with this app.

For the full list of money saving applications, head to The Times online. If you know of a great app which hasn’t been mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Have you saved a lot of money largely down to an app you downloaded on the iPhone? We’ve included a related video for you to watch below.



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