PS3 Slim: 160GB prices dropped

By Gary Johnson - Feb 22, 2011

If you are looking to buy yourself a new PlayStation 3 and don’t mind it being the 160GB model, we have some good news for you. A couple of UK retailers have recently discounted the console and offering it for a great price.

Stingy Gamer are reporting that HMV are selling the 160GB PS3 for the discounted price of £179.99. There is a catch to this though; you will have to go in store to get one for this bargain price.

Online the price is £249.99, so whether they have any stock left in stores is another matter. Amazon meanwhile is offering the same 160GB model for £196.00 with delivery. There is still stock showing at the time of writing.

Curry’s have it online for £196 but it is £229.50 in store, they might do a price match on it for you if mention the online price. John Lewis was offering it for the same online price, but at the time of writing it is showing out of stock. Tesco also have the console priced at £196, but Asda currently are charging you £249.

With HMV online they only charge £20 more for the 320GB model then they do for the 160GB, which is priced at £269.99, while Amazon has the same model for £228.00. These competitive prices might lead me to purchase a new PS3; I still have one of the 60GB fat models. At the moment in the US Amazon have the 160GB PS3 for $280.34.

What do you think of these prices?

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  • Alexander Taylor

    Hi, can you please confirm to me the cheapest price for a brand new PlayStation 3 Slim (160GB & 320GB) in the U.K.!?, & most importantly, is you’re stated HMV in-store price of £179.99 currently the cheapest price known?, plus, is it true that it’s only a store offer, not a online offer?

    Would you know any special Cricket game offers or Cricket game bundles with PS3′s?

    Kind Regards…

  • smal

    The PS3 Blue ray laser is notorious for failing.. is it any better in these new models? I am so put off Sony at the moment I don't know if I will ever buy their products again.

    • brendan

      this is the first time i have ever heard of the ps3 laser failing :/ so u might wanna check that, i'm not saying it doesnt happen,but check.

      • Max Genus

        My 40gb "Fat" PS3's blu-ray laser failed just in the past week (a quick net search will reveal I'm certainly not alone), so a reduction now would be most welcome.
        Although, I too would like more information regarding the reliability of the "Slim" laser prior to opening my wallet. 😉