New Sony VAIO S Series Slim vs. Macbook Pro, Feb 2011

By Peter Chubb - Feb 22, 2011

Towards the end of last month we learned that Sony were to launch two new laptops, one of which was the new Sony VAIO S Series Slim. Now one would presume that this would be a rival to the MacBook Air, but you have to consider specs, which means that the MacBook Pro rumored for release in Feb 2011 would be a fairer comparison.

Most rumors suggest that the new laptop from Apple will be released in March, but some stores now have them in stock and could go on sale this Thursday. For those of you who had already made their mind up and were going to purchase one of the new slim Sony laptops in March/April, then maybe you should hold off a few days – just to see what the new MacBook Pro has to offer.

We do not know much about Apple’s refresh of the Pro, but we can tell you that it will have a form-factor similar to the Air and that it will come with a glass trackpad. However, Sony has been more wiling to share details of their new laptop – something that Apple always seems reluctant to do.

The new VAIO S Series with its 13.3-inch screen is certainly a true contender for the Pro, as it is slim and light. The case has been made from magnesium and the palmrest from aluminum, this helps give the laptop a much stronger feel while keeping weight to a minimum.

Sony has worked hard on the development of a new battery, so now you will have up to 7 hours usage – not as much as the MacBook Pro then. The worrying thing is Apple is working on increasing battery life even further. However, Sony has come up with an ingenious second battery that can be attached to the first without removing it. The design is thin and will increase the battery life to around 14 hours.

The Sony S Series laptop will use the Intel Core i7-2620M, as well as a massive 8GB DDR of RAM. There is a choice of graphics cards, either a 512MB or 1GB VRAM AMD Radeon HD 6000, which will certainly come in handy when using graphic intensive software.

We also like the addition of a 128GB SSD, which certainly helps with performance and battery life. It makes you wonder why more laptops do not come with these Solid State Drives, as price should now be much lower for this tech?

Most of the specs that we have mentioned look as though they came direct from a MacBook Pro, but Sony has a little extra to add; colors. There is to be a choice of 5 color options, black, white, silver, pink and blue.

Although Sony has been forthcoming with their new VAIO S Series Slim, the one detail that has been left out is the price. Let us hope that we will know this soon, as we will then be able to see how it truly compares to the new MacBook Pro. For more details visit Sony.

Which of the two would you rather, Sony’s effort of Apple’s?

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  • Dr. F

    I have purchased the new sony s-series and I am going to return it today! The fan sounds like an airplane engine. It is a non-stopping loud noise!. I have returned it my first labtop to sony store and they exchanged it with a new one. They said it must be a hardware issue and that I was not lucky with the one I got. They gave me a new one and I am still having the same problem. Also, there was sudden shut down of the windows and I had to restart it. I called e-support and they told me you need to update the BIOS. I did the update as they recommended and I am still having the same problem .I tried to search the net for reviews on this series and I could not find any. I do not recommed this series. Today I will return it and get my money back!

    • Lightningtheif97

      u are  a friggin douche bag. i have a sony s seriesz and its AMAZING. its an awesome laptop and u cxant even hear the fan. and it has NEVER shut down on me. get ur damn facts straight b4 posting a comment whitput even owning the laptop.

    • TMish

      dude i got a sony vaio s series and i can tell u …it is serious competition to the mac book pro….it is lighter and faster

  • Adem

    for those who keep saying Mac uni body bla..bla…bla….
    Sony was the first to made the body from magnesium and alumenium and about durability Sony is very very durable… I'm stuck now with the stupid mac…I wesh I didn;t buy it…………

    • Chado33

      Sell it, macs maintain their value at a ratio of 3 to 1 over windows machine. This means if a Mac goes down in value $300 over a year, your PC would have gone down in value $900. The old montra is true, you get what you pay for… unless it's a windows machine.

  • john

    I would still go with a Mac. There's no doubt about it which one is better. Macs unibody design is so durable and strong. And you don't have to add extra weight and size to get good battery life.

  • dpbert

    I followed the link to Sony's press release mentioned in the article:

    and the new S series laptops are going to run Windows 7 Professional, 64-bit. I'm deciding between this and Lenovo's upcoming T420s. I think both the new Sony S Series and the Lenovo T420s will be able to compete with the new Apple Macbook Pros and also with the most recent Macbook Airs.

  • edvahass

    If sony computers ran OS X and was as sexy as macs, Sony. But wasn't sony going to switch to chrome OS? I think that might be worse than even Windows!

  • I'd probably lean towards the Sony with its double battery set up which is brilliant.Neither manufacturers put out cheap gear and both make sure you pay dearly for what you get compared to Samsung who offer more at a much more reasonable price