NASCAR The Game: 2011 – No Release for UK Gamers

By Tina Chubb - Feb 22, 2011

If you live in the UK and were waiting for the upcoming release of NASCAR The Game: 2011, then I’m afraid we have some rather disappointing news for you. It has just been announced that Activision will not be releasing the much-awaited racing simulator in the UK.

As Mike Jackson over at (via MCV) recently reported, the game – which was already pushed back from its February 2011 launch date until March – will still be hitting US stores as expected, but UK gamers will unfortunately be missing out.

UK developer Eutechnyx originally delayed its release, in order to give them a little more time to polish the final game. According to an article by Simon Priest over at, the UK release has been cancelled because there wasn’t enough interest in the NASCAR racing style.

However, the PlayStation 3 version of the game – which features 36 events, custom car / driver options and an extensive career mode – will be region-free, so PS3 owners shouldn’t have any problem importing and playing it. NASCAR The Game: 2011 will be available in the US on March 29th.

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  • Dale

    Does the imported game work on a british PS3?? as ive had imported DVD's that wont play due to the region origin, and i really want the game but dont want to pay for it if it can only be used as a door stop>

  • james brand

    well i agree with you all i have phoned eutechnyx and have been told the head of communications will get back to me on this having posed the question of why a brittish development company has released it only in us format for the xbox 360 and region free for the ps3 seems a tad unfair dont u think i mean if its good enough for the ps3 then its good enough for the xbox right

    • david

      why would activision give us black ops which i personally hate but not give us the biggest nascar game ever. i mean i know lots of people in uk who like nascar i dont see what activision are talking about

  • Jonah

    They said that there wasn't enough "interest" to release a PAL version, well who exactly did they ask, because I'm a huge Nascar fan that happens to be British and I'm sure there are plenty like me who are pretty gutted at this, but seemingly "there wasn't enough interest"!!??? sounds like a money saving cop out to me…thanks a lot Activision….oh and wasn't the game made by Eutechnyx – a british company!! Pure Crap!

  • Thorsfew

    Guys a petition has been started over at Eutechnyx forum (Dev's for the game)
    Please feel free to read the first post and sign.

  • david thomson

    totally agree was really looking foreward to this , havent got a ps3 so cant even import it
    activision suck big time

  • Terry Smith

    what a huge disapointment,
    saw the videos etc of the game and it looks real awesome.
    come on lets have a uk launch of the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quentin

    this sucks was looking forward to getting this now looking online today to find out not being released here in uk what a joke

  • Zorb

    I have preordered this from and the total cost to buy with shipping is $67.48 which converts down to £42.18 at the moment. Thats not too bad.

    • Jonah

      its cool that ur getting the game dude, but be careful because u may be paying for a game that isnt gonna work. if ur Xbox is british its only gonna run PAL region games, this game hasnt been released in PAL, only NTSC which is american and japanese

  • Mike

    I was looking forward to it too, I have a PS3 but not sure I can justify the extra cost in importing it

  • jason

    that is horse crap i was looking forward to this game

    • ian

      so was i this sucks