HP Touchpad Vs BlackBerry Playbook: Release Date Conflict in April?

By Alan Ng - Feb 22, 2011

Since it’s announcement at MWC 2011, we haven’t heard too many details about the upcoming, dual-core equipped Touchpad from HP and Palm. However, fresh rumors are circulating today, involving a possible launch date in April.

This may be a pretty big surprise to most of you, as we were expecting the HP Touchpad to arrive as late as Summer, although it’s obviously fantastic if it does happen in April.

The news has surfaced courtesy of this article over at Digitimes, which reveals that HP will be shipping devices to retailers towards the end of March, with a full launch happening during April. The device, which will be equipped with a dual-core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon processor will run on the very latest version of webOS, which will be at version 3.0 by the time the Touchpad arrives.

If the HP Touchpad does make it’s way out of HP headquarters by the time April comes around, it will almost certainly go head-to-head with the likes of the BlackBerry Playbok tablet, which is also meant to be releasing around the April mark. The Playbook may have the edge since it will apparently offer 3G connectivity on AT&T in April, whereas the HP may only release a WiFi edition of the Touchpad, with 3G and 4G versions to follow later on in the year.

However, we’re more interested in the unique features that the Touchpad will offer which no other tablet will. We’re talking about the inclusion of ‘Beats’ quality audio in the Touchpad, yeah the same Beats which are featured on those popular Dr Dre earphones / headphones. Once we hear more details on this particular aspect, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Here’s a question for you though, if you could only pick up one tablet in April, which one would you choose? The business minded BlackBerry Playbook or the multimedia juggernaut in the HP Touchpad?

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  • mbb

    For sure PLAYBOOK!

  • Theonick

    PlayyyyyyyyyBoook !!!

  • Todd

    Have you actually seen the multimedia capabilities of the PlayBook??? I'm getting the PlayBook for sure!! The guys from TAT are going to rock it!

  • TheTigerTek

    I can't wait for the PlayBook.. It looks promising… Come on RIM give me price and release date.

  • THASWussup

    PLAYBOOK FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blakey

    i prefer the playbook to ipad

  • BBfan

    ive been waiting forever for the playbook and get disappointed that I hear more about the iPad 2/honeycomb than the playbook. But still…

    Good things come to those who wait 😀

  • BossMan5000

    Playbook all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i been waiting for what seems like forever!!!!! haha

  • Francis

    A no contest here; The Playbook!

  • Berwick

    :') All these people supporting RIM just breaks my heart. Playbook will tear down all the competition!

  • Ken

    Playbook for sure. HP who?

  • Darren

    Something about the playbook just stands out, RIMS got this one right

  • Allen

    Playbook this is gonna be awesome

  • Kent

    I can't wait for my PlayBook, nothing else compares.

  • Christian

    Blackberry all the way. Not even a questions.

  • Steve

    Agreed. Blackberry Playbook for sure!!!

  • Nate

    Playbook. I'm not even considering the HP.

  • Rob Wilson

    Blackberrys playbook hands down