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Ad Reveals Motorola Xoom Marketing

Do you remember that lame HTC Thunderbolt commercial during the Superbowl? Well that has now been blown out of the water by the first Google Android Honeycomb tablet, and the ad reveals Motorola Xoom marketing while its at it. While viewing the video you will see that the new device will grab you – and it sure does.

The ad lasts just 16 seconds, Droid-life points out that if you wish to view it below then you might have trouble doing so on the Xoom, as the device will not have Flash Player support out the box, you will have to wait until march the earliest. You can clearly see that Verizon is no stranger to ads that draw you in, something that was seen with their Droid range.

As for marketing, you notice how the guy sees this device floating in midair, he seems drawn to it and feels the need to touch it. This is when the Xoom comes to life and grabs hold of him; so the analogy means that Motorola’s first tablet device will take hold of you and change your life. Very simple, but clever at the same time wouldn’t you say?

Looking on the Verizon Wireless YouTube page there are a few interesting comments; one of which points out that the Xoom is released on Steve Jobs birthday. Now is this a coincidence or deliberate? Also there are some handy tips on how to install Flash on the Motorola Xoom from the moment you get it.

What do you think of the first Xoom commercial?



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