No Flash Support for Motorola Xoom Upon Release Date

By Jamie Pert - Feb 21, 2011

When we first heard about the Motorola Xoom we presumed that it would come with Flash support out of the box, however according to a recent Engadget article this will not be the case, this is a huge surprised given that Flash support is usually a major selling point when you compare Android tablets up against the iPad.

On February 24th Verizon will begin selling the Xoom, it ships with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and will set the standard for other Honeycomb to follow, we thought it would come with Adobe Flash 10.1 pre-installed, however we are now told that Flash will arrive for the Xoom in Spring 2011.

If you head over to Verizon’s Xoom listing you will notice some smallprint at the bottom, below we have embedded an image showing this smallprint clearly saying “Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011”, spring 2011 starts on March 20th and ends on May 3rd, therefore anyone who buys the Xoom on its release date will have to wait at least one month for Flash support.

It is unclear as to why Flash 10.1 will not come pre-installed, we can only presume that it was unstable or perhaps had an adverse effect on battery life, as Engadget point out at least there will be no Flash ads for a while, which will please a lot of people.

Does the lack of Flash support out of the box put you off the Motorola Xoom?

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  • JuicedUp

    Motorola doesn't want to scare the customers when the battery life gets zapped by Flash. I wouldn't buy this crap when I am not sure how it would perform when Flash is loaded.

    Google has been a strong believer of Flash and yet they cannot perfect Android OS to run with Flash.

  • dubya

    Better idea. Eliminate the necessity to use flash. Not a jobs homer, but we need to get out of Flash. I swear I get a new Adobe update every week. Can we come up with better tehcnology please! Adobe is worse than MS when it comes to patches.

  • criscon

    No Flash… not worth the $800 sticker