Nintendo Confirms Wii 2 (and others) will use Physical Media

By Jamie Pert - Feb 21, 2011

Today the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 all allow you to purchase and download games via their online stores, now we can confirm that despite the success of WiiWare Nintendo will continue using physical media with their future products.

The next major Nintendo console we expect to see unveiled is the Nintendo Wii successor, which may be called the Wii 2, this recent announcement from Nintendo pretty much confirms that the Wii 2 will feature some sort of optical drive to play its games.

Nintendo’s European MD of marketing told Edge “the packaged software or retail market is the one that’s going to drive the mass market” and also added “We have never seen any link between growth in the mobile gaming market and decrease in the normal software market”.

Throughout the last couple of years we have seen digital downloads take off in many different ways, the App Store has seen millions of game downloads and a lot of people now stream movies rather than buy the physical media, therefore many thought that future game consoles may do away with physical media, however it seems as if Nintendo are worried that this could cause a drop in sales.

It will be interesting to see if Microsoft and Sony do the same with their next consoles, personally I think that physical media will be around for a long-while yet, if not it will have a huge effect on a lot of online retailers and highstreet stores, what do you think?

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  • KissMyAss

    My goodness people can be so stupid by saying such asinine comments. PS3 a toy? Nintendo Dead? Wow, retards are abundant!

  • Who cares about blu-ray, I would never play my blu-ray discs on a TOY (ie: PS3).

  • archie

    just a one look on ps3 or 360 games will tell you what to do with Wii: donate it to 3rd world countries. I am sure kids in africa will be just fine.

  • matrix

    The wii 2 will have blu ray.

  • A Cynic

    Nintendo are going to die.

    • Ninja

      Yeah I agree, they are coming out with "Wii 2" a little late! With the Move and the Kinect out…honesty, both of these are 10 times better than the wii. Plus the console is not a blu ray player or stream Netflix. The Wii is dead.

      • Gamer

        Get your facts straight. The Wii does in fact stream Netflix and is one of the fastest growing Netflix user bases out there.

        • Ninja

          Do they have Blu ray?

        • Proto Pat

          No, and neither does the Xbox 360.

      • Snesboy

        The Wii can stream Netflix dumbass.

    • Jock_Nerd

      I can't disagree with you more. Nintendo is a pioneer, and they are economically intelligent, saving and earning money every which way. Nintendo will be just fine.

    • boo

      I'm not a Wii fan, not my kind of thing. But its stupid to say Nintendo will die when it is THE most successfull company of the big 3 by far. Wii's have almost sold as much as all 360 and ps3 sales combined. Ninendo also has the most successful handhand gaming system on the market. It always has done. And it has exclusivity on the most powerful trademarks, such as Mario!

      So just because you don't like something, doesn't give you the right to be a complete idiot.