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Macbook Pro 2011: New Model Gets Release Date – Rumor

We know a lot of you are waiting in anticipation for the arrival of brand new Macbook Pro laptops from Apple, so we couldn’t resist telling you about the latest information we’ve heard on the device.

According to a report over at MacRumors, the new Macbook Pro models are going to launch on Thursday 24th February, which is just days away. This falls in line with early speculation which indicated that the new models would be available sometime this week.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that Apple will be equipping higher end Macbook Pro models with Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processor, with the chip now seemingly over those design problems which sparked the fear of a possible recall.

If the new models do come with these Intel Sandy Bridge processors, don’t expect them to come cheap. We’re talking about $1200 and onwards, depending on what extras Apple decides to throw in.

Don’t forget this date is not official yet, but it’s the first time that any solid release date has been mentioned. With this in mind, it is worth keeping an eye on the Apple store on Wednesday after midnight to see if these new models make an appearance or not.

You can check out all our previous rumors on the new Macbook here. Do you think it’s coming this week? Don’t forget about the Black Macbook Pro which we told you about here.



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