Verizon Hands-on: HTC ThunderBolt vs. iPhone 4, Review and Test

By Gary Johnson - Feb 21, 2011

Verizon customers are getting some nice choices when it comes to smartphones. Not only have they got the iPhone 4, but will soon have the HTC ThunderBolt to decide on.

Apple’s iPhone 4, with its beautiful Retina display will be the first choice for many people. It supports 720p video with 3.5-inch widescreen multi-touch display. It also comes with the option of 16GB or 32GB flash storage. You will also find a five Megapixel camera.

The HTC ThunderBolt is an impressive looking device and is also powerful with a host of features. You will find a 4.3-inch WVGA TFT capacitive touch screen, and the main camera is eight megapixels. You will find Android 2.2 OS on the handset, and also has HTC Sense. has compared both the handsets when web browsing and have made a video of them in action. The ThunderBolt has a bigger display which can offer some advantage when surfing the internet, but is that the most important feature when choosing which device to have?

Below the test video you can see two more videos showing a review of just the HTC ThunderBolt. What do you think about the two devices? Will you be getting one of them?

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  • Ethan

    I have a question you briefly mentioned batteries but which has the better battery life?

  • Eric

    Did that video comparison honestly say that android would surpass iOS in terms of apps in a few months? And what about the landscape keyboard. Silliness I say! Although I have an iPhone 4 I do like android as well.

  • neichtec

    I'm sorry, this is the worst commentating EVER. I thought it would get better after the Thunderbolt unboxing video, but it got worse.

    Wirefly, I ADVISE you to get a new video spokesman – for the sake of your company.