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iOS and low-fat recipes, easy and healthy apps for 2011

We are well into the start of a new year, and the weight loss goals you set might not have gone how you would’ve liked them. Those that have an Apple iOS device can find help with some apps, which let you find low fat recipes to enhance your meal.

We want to point you in the direction of some easy and healthy iPhone and iPad apps that can help you reduce the risk of heart disease, and other illnesses’ related to eating fatty foods.

First up is an application smartly called “Low Fat Recipes”, which features 15 recipes, perfect for those that like scallops, scones, or pizza. You can see a full list of the low-fat recipes on this iTunes page. The app was developed by Post Imagineering, Inc and costs $0.99.

If you want something a little tastier, then you should see Kanchan Kabra’s ‘Delicious Low Fat Tasty Recipes’. The app lists some nice tips and ideas, costs $2.99 and can be found here on iTunes.

Another idea is to think beyond the diet, and this app is a low fat finder that aims to help you find out the fat content of certain foods you eat. The reason they designed the app is because some manufacturers will not calculate fat in foods based on calories, and instead work them out based on weight. The app is $0.99 and is by BADR Software.

What apps do you use for low-fat recipes and tips? Let us know below. You may also want to read about another iOS app, which helps you lose weight by teaching you about fiber rich foods.



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