Ready for iOS 4.3 update? Release date still baffles

By Daniel Chubb - Feb 19, 2011

Some iPad and iPhone users skipped the last iOS firmware, and will be saving themselves for the iOS 4.3 update that has people crying out for its release date. Are you ready for the iOS 4.3 Update?

Apple’s App Store is miles ahead of the competition with $1.78 billion in revenue, and rules the market with an 82.7 percent share. Although this is a drop from its 92.8 percent share the year before, so Apple will want to make iOS 4.3 feature some special enhancements.

T3 has taken a look at the expected features for iOS 4.3, and listed those with a small explanation for each. The notable features include third-party apps getting Airplay support, personal hotspots, and multitouch gestures.

The video below this post shows you the multitouch gestures in action; the iOS 4.3 release will make switching between apps extremely easy, with simple swipes to go to the next application. We love this addition to iOS, which is another improvement to save time.

Some say that an unlock will not be available the same day iOS 4.3 releases, although Inspired Geek points out that the untethered Jailbreak is ready, only waiting for the final release of iOS 4.3. Will you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch soon after release of the next firmware?

Watch the video below, and let us know in the comments if you’re ready for iOS 4.3. We can see in a poll conducted by Phones Review that most people expect iOS 4.3 to be released first, with iPad 2 after. With the clock ticking on the iPad 2 release, it will be interesting to see if this actually happens.

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  • TONI

    those nails are creepy

  • flakefrost

    does anybody have an idea when the new firmware comes out?

    • Youngs Modulus

      Release is likely to be before or on 28. feb, as this is the date the Daily trial period ends. Since The Daily requires a subscription only available on 4.3, Apple has to release the update soon.

  • Patrick

    'the iOS 4.3 release will make switching between apps extremely easy, with simple swipes to go to the next application.'
    Unfortunately this apparently won't be in the public release. It's just a developer preview and is only there for testing purposes. Too bad… I was looking forward to that feature.

    • Daniel E. Rodgers

      Dont you think that the iPhone screen is a bit small for the swipe gesture…?