PS3 Hacker Ban: Undoable with Latest Jailbreak

By Jamie Pert - Feb 19, 2011

Two days ago we reported news that Sony were banning many Playstation users that have been modifying their consoles for personal gain, new information has now been announced suggesting that there is now a jailbreak which can counter Sony’s actions.

Sony initially sent out a warning to those with pirated software on their device saying that they will face consequences, the threats were backed up and soon Sony started banning various PSN ID’s from using PSN, which obviously resulted in a lot of gamers feeling hard done-by.

According to VG247 a new hack has been developed which allows hackers that have been banned to un-ban themselves, not only this but hackers can also un-ban other PS3 accounts providing that they have the correct PSN ID.

The fight to keep hackers off of the Playstation Network is currently being lost by Sony, which is a shame for the company and PS3 gamers, obviously developers and publishers suffer because of piracy, however gamers are even more frustrated as they often come up against cheaters online, therefore the news that people can un-ban themselves isn’t great for everyone.

Have you unbanned your PS3 account? Let us know in the comments section below.

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