Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Problems: Is Sentinel Overpowered or Not?

By Alan Ng - Feb 19, 2011

If you have had a good chance to sit down and spend some time with the recently released Marvel Vs Capcom 3 game on either the Xbox 360 or PS3, some of you may be getting frustrated at the growing trend of some online players using one character all the time.

If you have the game, you won’t need us to tell you that the character we’re talking about is Sentinel. We too have heard the complaints that the giant robot seems to have extra vitality compared to other characters, and his selection of moves being overused are starting to take its toll on the hardcore following that lurk in the online servers.

For a little proof on the ‘Sentinel is overpowered’ claim, check out a user video we’ve found on YouTube, which gives you an idea of how easy it is to deplete an opponents lifebar with Sent using an easy ground/air/hyper combo.

Of course there’s always going to be two sides of the story and we bet theres a lot of you who think Sentinel is just fine. One notable person who disagrees with that claim though is professional gamer Justin Wong, just check out his angry Tweet about the game and more importantly, about Sent:

”If you want to win in MVC3, just learn how to play sentinel in 1 minute and your skills will improve dramatically… Time to go back to MVC2.”

So where do you lie on the Sentinel debate in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, is he overpowered or not? One things for sure though, if the heat continues, don’t be surprised if Capcom step in and tweak him in the first update.

You’ll find complete move lists for each character here.

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  • guest

    Anyone can do those kinds of things. You can even do them to sentinel.

  • guest123

    Even good players use sentinels. And if you meet them, you're doomed 🙂

  • j

    I will never use sinetiel. I will fight like a man not like a scared little punk. i agree they should tone him down quite a bit. i enjoy using the fight mechanics they are really good but it ruins the experience when players can take advantage of this cheap way of playing so eaisly.

  • true fighter

    to simply put whats on most legit players mind, sinetiel is a op freak and someone should put a stop to him… and why does spider man suck so much, hes should be one of the best

  • Azazen

    the prove is in the communities stats, if he isnt overpowered then why is he on almost EVERYONES most used char',s its certainly not cuz he is a fan favorite.

  • Joe

    I wish there were alot more characters like cyclops or war machine, spawn

  • Irony

    What's Spider-Man doing sucking? He's Marvel's flagship character for crying out loud. If anyone is to be overpowered it should be him. Not some fucking Sentinel. Seriously, whose bright idea was it to keep the Sentinel as the most powerful character in the game?

  • No doubt

    Ono officially admitted that Capcom deliberately includes overpowered characters in the game to create hate in the community so people will try hard and aspire to beat it.

  • Karl k

    I love how people on here are turning the attetion off sent and saying ryu and dante are cheap first off from the start I never ever liked sent he's always been over used and spamed. He has high health high def and att he's fast and his move recover speed is way faster then ryu dante or any other person. That means you put him on simple yu can just push y and the foe has lost the game…. wtf it takes skill to use dante right and u can't button mash with ryu and pull out combos also yes their air combos can do as much damage as sent but u can break out of them wit the right timing sent there's no way in hell to get out exspecialy if there main person is sent from the start…….

    Anyway I have found a way around him use a fast person and go for his feet since more then all sents move sets requires him to stand upright to attk…your best bet is deadpool wolverine or the dog that's my buddy!

  • Ryan

    ive almost quit playing this game till they decide to nerf sent. i can't believe how easy it is to spam with him, and i also can't believe how many scrubs abuse him online, xfactor level 3+sentinel is a joke…almost all online matches are that. I can understand sentinel being high stat, but he's not even slow! i mean he's just so OP'd its not even enjoyable this game. he has armor which takes a couple hits to break through him, he flies, he spams beams with a push of one button, his ultra in xfactor chips like a mother, his air launcher attack is incredibly long range and his rocket punch combo's deal just way too much damage for it's own good, too many fckers use him online as last resorts and win matches they shouldn't have. im so sick of sentinel in this game, it has ruined MvC3 experience for me hands down. he needs to be nerfed already ffs capcom. its sad though to see how many scrubs out there have no pride or honor that they can't pick something OTHER than sentinel, we only have this problem cuz people want to win and feel proud of themselves for using the most easy and OP'd character in this game.

  • Riako

    Seriously, I never liked Sent. From the day he was spawned in Children of the Atom I've always thought the freaking jerk was unfair. In MVC2 he was a billion times worse then he is in MVC3. He had a super armor that required two hits for him to flinch, if the combo stopped for even a second, then the hitstun chance would decrease dramatically. Yes, Sent is cheap in MVC3, but that's because I have an undying hatred for him.

    The only people who wouldn't claim the character to be cheap, are those who main him. They easily tell you that you suck and need to try harder to beat him. Those people who call themselves 'pro' would be the exact same individuals who would main Snake and MK in brawl and would tell you in your face that they are not overpowered.

    The fact of the matter is, Sent is here for the so called 'pros' to find ways to use him to crush the ones who aren't considered 'pro'. Big surprise that currently the number 2 ranked guy on MVC3 has a team of Storm, Magneto, and Sent. No, Magneto isn't a cheap jerk in MVC3, and nether is Storm, but they still have their incredible speed, and not to mention Sent has probably the hardest hitting assist I've seen in a minute.

    I already know that people are gonna look at this post and make their claim against my words, and they're entitled to that. However, whatever they would say, wouldn't change the fact that Sent is indeed a very overpowered character who definitely stands above the others, and chances are, if you say that he's not unfair, or that he's fine, take a look at your line-up, or your most used characters and tell me if he's not on that list of the top four characters used.

  • Guest

    i saw that video of ryu yea he's strong but it takes a whole lot more skill to pull off that combo than it does with sentinel. the main problem with sentinel is he's too easy to play with. its extremely easy to pull off high damage combos with sentinel however the biggest weakness sentinel has is that he's overplayed. when i first started playing i would get raped by sentinel, now he's cake to me and most peoples lineup can deal with sentinel but i do agree he's a bit harder than ever other character

  • Dingus

    Dante isnt nearly as bad as sentinel, doctor doom and magneto people keep spamming their laser attacks

  • Guest

    He IS OP. Great damage, great footspeed, extremely high life, great zoning, great assists, great up close, and he can fly. He is beatable just far less beatable than every other character in the game. The dumb thing is that in the Marvel Universe, Sentinels werent all that strong. Nerd him to oblivion and beyond..

  • truthurts

    Dante is way worse than sentinel and i dont hear ppl bitching about it.

    • Rick

      He has extensive combos in which no one tries to master. Besides that EVERY one of his combos don't 1hko others like Sent and Ryu.

  • Guest

    I can do the same too. Ryu is overpowered. He can deplete the opponents lifebar easily. Here is proof!


      Damn! Ryu is strong as hell. But he supposed to be like that. He fights on Capcom's front lines. In other words when the bosses show up Ryu is their go to guy they bring forth. He's basically Capcom's superman

    • TSX

      ok how many new comers can do that? compare that number to the number of sentinel players that can do whats in the video posted. the numbers do not add up

    • Guest

      Moron, at least that Ryu combo takes some skill to pull off. Also, considering Ryu's overall hitbox when compared to Sentinel, Ryu deserves to do that much damage if he can land it.

  • Guest

    Love how your proof is a COMBO video, when everyone can do about the same damage in a combo video.

  • toaster

    I'm guessing there is no parry in this game either.

  • Dumezil

    Hell yeah he is… its ridiculous. Spam Spam Spam… cmon capcom Nerf him already jeez.