IKEA Crib Recall 2011: Info for Sniglar Model 60091931 Owners

We have some important news to bring you now, especially if you are the owner of an IKEA baby crib, as it been confirmed that the Swedish homewares giant has had to recall one of their crib products, due to a possible risk of the mattress collapsing.

According to this report from Reuters, four of the underneath screw bolts which support the Sniglar crib from IKEA are not strong enough, and could potentially collapse under pressure.

The exact model number of the Sniglar baby crib is 60091931 and these cribs are sold in both the US and Canada. If you own one of these specific cribs, you should obviously stop using it immediately and contact IKEA for a free repair kit. We’ve got hold of the number you should call to reach IKEA customer services – (888) 966-4532.

Below is a picture of the crib showing the dangers exactly, courtesy of

The good news, is that no injuries have been reported yet, but it’s obviously a good idea to check the support of the crib if you own one from IKEA. Let us know your thoughts on this recall – do you know anyone who bought a crib from IKEA?



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