Dragon Age II Demo Release Date and Bonuses

By Jamie Pert - Feb 19, 2011

Fans of Dragon Age have been sent a convincing message from the official website for Dragon Age II which calls out for one million people to download the upcoming title’s demo, once the one million mark has been reached, producers have promised to grant buyers of the game two bonus items in the game.

The two items awarded for the reply to BioWare‘s ‘Call to Arms’ will be ‘The Far Cliffs of Kirkwal’ which will give players money when read and ‘Lothering’s Lament’ which will give players more XP when read. It seems like a no brainer for enthusiasts really, get downloading the demo February 22, get some friends to do the same and we have bonus items in-game.

BioWare plan to track the number of downloads by keeping a record of all the EA profile’s that sign in to the demo, this way you can be sure that you will be counted once and not recounted if you redownload the demo (just in case any enthusiasts were planning it).

It all seems like a very cunning plan to spread the word about the game and hopefully attract more gamers into playing it for the first time, however we also like to think that it would be a waste of time and money for the developers to create something and not put it in the game just because 999,999 people answered the call and the rest of the world weren’t listening, however whats the harm in going along with it. Are you going to answer the call and download your demo on the 22nd?

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  • Sam

    Already planed to do so, reward or not. Already have the signature edition + pre-order bonus + other bonus that I don't remember. I still want to see the demo comparison, to make sure I won't get a terrible port. It shouldn't I trust Bioware and EA to have an equal experience on all supports.