Diablo 3 (III): Xbox 360, PS3 Release – PC Owners Worried?

By Alan Ng - Feb 18, 2011

We have some fantastic news for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners now, as Blizzard has confirmed that a console version of Diablo III is in the works. However, will this affect the quality of the main PC version or not?

If you head over to GamaSutra, you’ll see the Ad there for the whole world to see, with Blizzard clearly requiring a Senior Producer for a console version of Diablo III.

The PC game had previously been rumored for consoles before, but it now looks likely to happen – how will it go down well with PC gamers? If they are planning to release all three versions of the game at the same time, will it mean a difference in graphics quality if Blizzard has to port to the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles as well?

Then of course, there is the little issue of when it will actually come out. If the team are now working on console versions as well, don’t be surprised to see the game receive a delay to ensure all versions are finished at the same time.

So far, we’re only seeing the negatives for PC owners, as there’s little doubt that console owners will be delighted with the news. Then there may be the possibility of cross-platform play between PS3 and PC owners as well – remember Valve’s new partnership with Sony which kicks off with Portal 2?

Let us know your opinions on a possible console version of Diablo III.

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  • violet hayfields

    cant wait diablo 3 for ps3 hurry blizzard

  • Rj0220

    Can not wait diablo took up a lot of my childhood and was amazing, I love this move by blizzard.

  • MiKey

    Lol lol lol
    Its out now and no console release

  • Kumbaeya

    Yay!  PC owners need to get over themselves, and realise that consoles are where it’s at.  As for the key board mouse > controller argument – Get a XIM3.

  • Edward Agadjanian

    I’m a console gamer, and I’m pretty happy about the news.  I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a decent PC, and this game looks really good.  Hopefully, it does release on either ps3 or 360.

  • Guest

    one of my fave games sence diablo 1 so glad it is finally gona be for ps3 too

  • respawnent

    playing games on a computer is boring…too many buttons that are exactly alike, and pointing and clicking does not seem like a satisfying way to dispatch many-a-foe.I prefer the controller in my hands where i have vibration feedback. if this really comes out for multi plat then i know of atleast 3 hardcore pc gamers that will be getting this on ps3. atleast ive got dungeon hunter alliance to hold me over till dungeon siege 3 to hold me over to diablo 3….

  • icedstar

    if they delay it again im gonna be so pissed

  • Kurt

    Yes one of my favorite games ever and for xbox? Even better. 2 THUMBS UP FOR XBOX FORMAT!!!

  • Massacher

    so blizzard has sold out and become a multi platform dev too. the last great PC exclusive dev has now gone to the dark side with the rest of them. a sad day for gaming indeed.

    • The first diablo has a ps1 version too, so they have always been a multi platform dev. They have also made some gameboy games 

    • Meredith_kasey

      Cry about it. Diablo was already on playstation so it’s nothing new. Plus if you had a chance to make millions of dollars would you say no….I dont think so

      • violet hayfields

         and ya i have it claaaassssic

    • violet hayfields

       why are you mad pc boy i dont care if ps3 games come out for pc its still gaming a game that is made should be made for all platforms

  • Coven33

    OMG this is the greatest news i heard in a long time maybe years. For some of us achievement or trophy hunters. Its really not an option to switch back to pc. Plus i would have to buy a new pc otherwise my wife would never let me play. So i say right on blizzard right on.

  • Poppy

    If everything falls into place and i can get a copy for my Xbox i'd do so happily, that way i don't have to blow a hole paycheck on building a gaming computer. Thanks Blizzard!

  • Aaron

    Very smart move by Blizzard! Playstation 3 is the best gaming platform ever. Can't wait to hack through the countless enemies on this game!

  • Aaron

    PS3 Rules! Diablo 3 will be incredible!

  • MEDzZ3RO

    And Crysis of course.

  • MEDzZ3RO

    Great news. Diablo 3 is one of the few games that's made me envy PC gamers alongside alot of Valve games. Can't wait for this, day one buy from me.

  • jeffskellington

    One word: SWEEEET!!!

  • Craigo

    I was deliberating on whether or not to buy a ps3. Now I am sure.

  • Nate

    Great news! Although I could play it on my pc, I would prefer console for this type of game on my ps3. Unlike starcraft 2, d3 would be perfect combination!

  • Darth Bad

    Greatest news ever. Blizzard bring diablo iii to consoles is a game changer big time. Im Sick of all these shooters like killzone, halo and all games alike. Plus there has not been any good rpgs aside from bioware games. So thank you blizz, great job..

    • Haze

      Bioware is amazing, but square enix has some good RPG’s.