Crytek on Crysis 2, Xbox 360 and PS3 are equal

By Chris Cook - Feb 18, 2011

Having previously brought you news about the lack of footage on the PS3 for Crysis 2, we can now reveal that the versions on the Xbox 360 and PS3 are equal. However still no footage.

This news comes from a report at GamerZines who write how Nathan Camarillo, Crytek’s Executive Producer says that Crysis 2 looks identical on both consoles. He says ‘you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference’ and when asked why the lack of footage on the PlayStation 3 he said he didn’t know as ‘it’s all ready to go.’ He also said how Crysis 2 even performs the same in both versions, ‘30 frames a second and in 3D’ quashing previous rumors that the PS3 version ran better.

This news seems to have provoked a rather large rant amongst gamers with a number of comments saying how the PS3 was said to have better performance than Xbox 360 so this must mean it isn’t being pushed if it’s produced the same as the 360 version. They seem to be demanding more exclusive game making in order for the best to be brought out of their Sony console.

Also comments saying when Crytek had previously said the game pushes the PS3 to its limits they must have lied to them. You can read more comments from this news over at N4G. What does this mean for Crytek?

Do you think the PS3 multiplatform games that are built have to sacrifice performance in order to be equal to the Xbox 360? Do you think more exclusive titles would improve this? Let us know what you think.

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  • biasedfanboyssuck

    Both consoles have cool exclusives. Single player, go with the exclusive games you like more. For online/multiplayer, everyone agrees that XBOX LIVE wipes the floor with the PSN Network which lags and is down and hacked right now btw, as we all know. You might have to pay for LIVE, but it's quality. PSN is free, but you get what you pay for. I own both consoles, and they both have their strengths…

  • Anonymous

    i'm not scared to admit I own an xbox 360 because it's more affordable to me at he moment… I am very happy with it because I still get to play Call of Duty, etc… It suits my requirements just fine… With regards to graphics and which is better; Xbox uses ATI, while PS3 uses Nvidia… Comparing the consoles is wrong… We have to look at the graphics cards here… In some games ATI is known to have slight graphical tearing arent they? You can't trash xbox360 for something when ATI is to be looked at?

  • Brody J

    Everbody quit whining to solve this problem put ps3 exclusives up against Xbox 360s and see which looks better if you say xbox you clearly are just saying that cause you cant afford a ps3. Like other dudes said Xbox is holding back ps3 and pc cause microsoft is putting there money in these third party developers so of course they cant make the ps3 better looking than 360 cause they would cry. But sad to say that its going to happen to battlefield 3 as well . I would bet if xbox was not around we would be getting the same graphics on pc as the ps3 and 64 players online in battlefield 3.

  • oh dear

    bunch of fanboys on here, both machines are pretty much the same in comparison, and i should know i work with both, xbox has got a slightly better graphics processor and a bit more video memory though!

  • John

    Some of the comments on here are just childish, i own both consoles and they are about equal overall certain games play better on xbox and others on ps3 ive noticed that the graphics seem slightly better on 360 at the moment after comparing side by side and online is much better on 360 but both machines have some excellent exclusive games thats why i own both!

  • John Smith

    PC and PS3 are by far better games machines then the xbox 360 is or ever will be. PC I don't have to say much about because if it wasn't for PC there would be games. All games from Atari to todays games have all be created on a computer. Not to mention the technology available on PC's will blow consoles away.

    As goes for the PS3, its a much better console. From system specs to the graphics (on PS3 exclusives, ill get to why later) to the free online gaming, it says it all. And there is nothing inefficient about Sony's coding. Whats inefficient is lazy developers making a game in one format and transfer it to another format for other systems and hope all works well. Thats why todays games are so sloppy, the developers just don't care. If somethings messed up they will just patch it and fix it. They couldn't do that back in the day thats why games have always in top condition with an occasional glitch here and there. Now a days your lucky if you don't see a patch in the first week

    And the 360. The 360 is pretty much passed its time. Its a maxed out console that can't perform any better then it does. Meaning that soon enough xbox 360 will be done for, and Microsoft will have to put out an new console to keep up with the PS3 and PC, and it will most likely fail as much as the 360 because its the way Microsoft likes to screw over its fans and put out failing console's on the market knowingly to make some extra money. Not to mention xbox live is pretty much going to see its end. As developers are looking to start charging to be able to play there games online to make more money, who is going to want to pay for internet, an xbox live account, and a account with a game developer to play the game. Not to forget you will still probably have to buy the game. Activision/Blizzard is one of them, and if they succeed others are bound to follow the cash crop.

  • hradrimovore

    Haha I love these PS3 fancriples. The only truth is they don't have enough money to afford Xbox Live subscription so they had to go with inferior product. And no, I'm not another Xbox fan, I own both consoles, but I'm starting to hate my PS3 more and more by the day. Actions done by SONY lately, just make me wanna puke and crash it against wall.

    • ^^U R A Fan Boy^^

      You might claim your not a fan boy, but you sure sound like one. Xbox live is such a sham to rip you fans boys off and make Microsoft richer, just like they did with the 4 or 5 generations of failing 360's they put out. So fan boys like you can buy a new console once your warranty runs out because it red rings and fails!!, Look at Windows live on PC from Microsoft, its the same thing as xbox live. BUT ITS FREE to play your games online. So thanks but I rather have the better console (PS3), and the same styled service but for free. Just like I get from Microsoft on my PC with windows live games.
      But I will give credit to the 360 for one thing, it keeps all the noobs off PC and PS3.

  • Nam

    If it wasn't for multiplatform gaming being developed the way it is, games cost at the market end would be at least one third up on what they are now. With games in the UK having an RRP of £49.99 on release, would you really be happy paying £70+. I think not.

    Crysis 2's graphics look incredible on the Xbox 360 and some of the effects are breathtaking. Hyperbole and chest beating loyalty to the Ps3 is blinkering the vision of some here.

    With regards to disc capacity, perhaps someone needs to look at Sony's inefficient coding.

    Games aren't all about the tech behind it. Today in 2011, some of the best games have appeared on the Wii! Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 are superb. If you just want razzle dazzle and special effects though, – all surface and no feeling – I'd heartily recommend you watch a Hollywood film.

    • awesome dude

      inseficient coding man it took one of worlds greatest hacker tokk him 6 months to hack the ps3 and the software is awy much more advanced then the fucked ypp white box you box peaople call a console its a shame for the consoles man the wii is even better

  • xbox king

    ps3 suck. xbox rules. case closed

    • awesomenes dude

      wow how old are you man 5

  • AAA

    The PS3 is far more powerful than the XBox 360, but its most pronounced technical strengths are quite different from the XBox 360. Sadly many developers design their game for the XBox 360 first, this while designing for the PS3 first would result in faster and better portable code. It's a quite stupid approach, but many companies lack coding talents and Microsoft tools is what they grew up with.

    For example a XBox 360 disc can hold no more than 6.8 GBs of data. So nearly none multi-platform developer will take good use of Blu-Ray disc. It would mean the 360 game would need to be spread onto too many discs.

    Or for example performing MLAA on the Cell processor usually provides far superior results on the PS3 with regard to graphics (for example exclusives such as God of War 3, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2, etc). But the XBox 360 CPU isn't by far as suitable for this, thus many mutl-platform devs continue to take an inferior approach because the same methods cannot be easily applied across different platforms.

    I think it's time for the XBox 360 to be retired, it's holding back PS3 and PC gaming. The PS3 isn't holding back PC gaming as the PS3's CPU holds more performance than high end gaming PCs. Having more RAM and faster GPUs available on PCs still allows to run the game in higher resolutions. But due to the PS3 processor being more capable, the PS3 isn't holding back game design with regard game complexity and structure like the XBox 360.

    PC gaming is somewhat holding back PS3 gaming as many PC gaming setups still don't include a Blu-Ray drive for greater capacity.

    • jerman

      "PC gaming is somewhat holding back PS3 gaming" most idiotic thing i have ever seen anyone type….. PC games are installed into the "hard drive" so space is not a problem. and space is not that important in determining graphics, some small games have amazing graphics (crysis 1 didn't exceed 7 gigs, and its the best looking game around).

      no consoles are holding PC games back with all that out-dated hard-ware, PC's are easily a generation ahead

  • Sam

    Well since I saw a PS3 vs XBOX 360 tech analysis which clearly showed that the PS3 had THREE times more GPU power than the Xbox, which also showed that the PS3, overall won the analysis win 7 of 10 aspects. Also showed that there is a possibility of 50 gig of storage on a blu ray disc, rather than 9.

    I'm not talking out of my ass, here is the proof:

    Developers should develop custom builds for both consoles. I don't want my game to be LIKE the xbox 360, I want my game to use the strength of the console I put so much money on. The game didn't even look that good on Xbox, not impress at all. I guess I'll wait and see, but no footage = bad news, whatever they're claiming. So I guess I'll invest in killzone rather than Crysis.