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Apple’s position good without iPad 2 release

The tablet market is heating up as we see all the various companies bring out devices to take on Apple. They have all seen the success Apple has achieved since the iPad was launched, and now want a piece of the action.

The various tablets all have some impressive specifications, with some of them unlikely to find their way to the next generation of iPad according to an article on Cnet by Donald Bell. He is comparing the situation with what we have seen for the past few years with the iPod. Companies have spent that time trying to bring out devices to out spec the music player.

He wonders if Apple could just stick a number 2 sticker on boxes of the current iPad and see what happens. In his opinion the iPad we have now would still outsell all the other competition this year. He does add he is no fanboy, and loves to see the market grow, but Apple just does some things better.

Meanwhile Apple are said to be upsetting some publishers and media companies according to an article by Galen Gruman on InfoWorld. Not only have they got to offer subscriptions for a better or same price, Apple takes 30% of all revenue from in-app purchases. Media companies are reluctant to give Apple that amount of money, considering the price of Web distribution.

Apple’s stance could actually push the media industry into sensible pricing for everyone, and then end an unhealthy business model which actually threatens the industry’s survival. Or alternatively could lead to companies cutting content creation costs, and see more ads put into e-publications.



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