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Apple Rumors: How iPad 2 affects tech industry

We have some more information on the current Apple iPad 2 Rumors now, as it does look certain that Apple’s upcoming successor to the iPad will be equipped with a front-facing camera. But will it be at the expense of other companies?

You may remember an article we wrote earlier this week which first informed you about the possibility of a touch panel shortage, since Apple are working hard to ensure that they snap up touch panel manufacturers for the iPad 2, causing other tablet makers to panic about whether they’ll have enough parts for their respective tablets.

One company which won’t be affected by Apple’s tactics is Samsung, as this report we’ve come across at the Taiwan Economic News confirms that Sintek Photronics, a small touch panel maker corporation has signed a deal with Samsung Mobile Display to produce touch sensors, some of which we’re guessing will be used in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab 10.1 device.

Apple are of course within their right to obtain parts for the iPad 2 in any fashion they seek, but if it results in a worldwide delay of say, the Motorola Xoom or LG G-Slate tablets for example, how would you feel about this? Do you think Apple should act more fairly in this situation or not? – Then again, this is Apple we’re talking about.

In other related Apple iPad 2 rumors, we are also hearing that the iPad 2 may not come with a dual-core processor as previously rumored, as a fresh article published over at Digitimes reveals that Apple may be set to stick with the A4 processor for the next gen model, although this is likely to be an enhanced version.



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