Sony PS3: Console Bans Start – Your Message to the hackers?

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2011

If you have been keeping a close eye on developments in the ‘Sony Vs the Hackers‘ drama, you’ll probably know that Sony has issued an official statement regarding consequences for those that do naughty things to their PS3 console.

That was a few days ago, and it looks like Sony has now started to take action against some individuals. According to this report by AttackoftheFanBoy, users have already reported error messages on their PS3 console, whenever they try to sign into the PlayStation Network.

Here is an image of the error in question:

As you can see, Sony were not messing around when they warned about permanent PSN bans to anyone who is caught with a hacked PS3. It looks like Sony has found a quick and simple way to identify which consoles have been jailbroken, and the chances of these systems being able to connect to the PSN again looks pretty slim.

You can read Sony’s warning in full over on the PS Blog here. For those of you who are affected by this, or have a friend who has been banned, get in touch with us. If you own an untouched PS3 system, let us know if you have a message to those who have been banned. Do you feel any sympathy over the whole situation to those affected, or do you support Sony’s ruthless stance in issuing permanent console bans?

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  • uttermostbard.

    Agree with carlos,cheaters have spoilt online play,this is what happens when a small minority want publicity about there hacking endevours,and put the hack and instructions on the net.geohot or whatever he goes by is a publicity seeking young man who just wants the attention,at the cost of honest gamers.

  • Dude

    Hackers have ruined MW2. How long would it be before Black Ops is ruined too?

  • Lilian

    i hate hackers one hacked codblackops and made his char run around with their dong out !!! and whats worse he shot people with it too !!!!

  • carlos

    I do not feel sorry for cheaters at all. This is the best news I have heard in months lol. Is great that they are banned. In MW2 a guy would not die no matter how many shots he got, he was able to fly, and built a wall of care packages…this is not fun for anybody. Some say they paid hundreds, well you know what, I paid hundreds too and 60+ for my online games and I have the right to play, they do not have the right to do whatever they want.

  • danny

    Il be glad if this stops people that cheat on games like COD but outside of that people have the right to run whatever code they want on their hardware they pay hundreds of pounds or dollars for

  • نائل العباسي

    I was wondering when Sony is gonna be like Microsoft