PlayStation Phone (Xperia Play) Price: $400 – Too Expensive or Fair?

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2011

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up the now-official Sony Ericsson Xperia Play aka the PlayStation Phone, as we have inadvertently heard about a potential price for the smartphone gaming combi and it’s not too bad at all.

According to this report from GamingBolt. The PlayStation Phone may well come to market in the US priced at $400. The information has surfaced from a competition that Sony themselves are running, in which they are giving ten lucky users the chance to take home a Xperia Play for free.

Apparently, on the contest page for the competition, Sony has stated that the total worth in Euros for the ten handsets is 4990,00, meaning that each handset would be individually priced at 499 Euros. Further information detailed at Neogaf forums has the PS phone priced at $400 in the US – although obviously, this is not official yet until Sony gives the green light.

What are your thoughts on paying $400 for the device. This would be the non-contract price we presume, meaning that you’re probably looking at around $200 when it comes to Verizon on a two year contract. Looking at this potential price point for the Xperia Play, it does make you wonder how high Sony are willing to go for the NGP doesn’t it. The NGP will naturally be the premium device out of the two, but gamers won’t want to pay more than $400 for it.

Take this pricing information with a pinch of salt until we hear otherwise. Would you be willing to pay $400 for the Xperia Play off-contract, or is it too high for your liking?

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  • Paul

    excellent product and I cannot flaw it, but it is an insane price!!! What are they thinking. It is essentially a psp go and a sony erriccson xperia. These cost about £120 each.

    £this adds up to £240 which i find reasonable. Maybe even £250.

    over that and you might as well get a laptop or even a PS3.

    Sony have always been a good company but unfortunately are becoming increasingly greedy. 🙁

  • ron

    even ngp is like 250 without 3 g …my foot

  • Tarence

    I'd mainly get it for ROM support for PSX / N64 / SNES and so on. Its an ideal device for my large ROM collection though. I also want something off contract and most phones are $600+. I'd like to see it around $250-300 personally, but $400 is not over the limit.

  • GetSomeCommonSense

    200 dollars for a smartphone with a 2 year contract is pretty standard at this point. Take into account that it also runs android, which supports emulation, and the phone will have all the buttons right there to support that, then this becomes not only a playstation phone, but also a super nintendo, gameboy advance, playstation one, etc. phone. So if you were putting 200 bucks down on an an android based phone like the droidX anyway, then for the same price why not go for this?

  • owner

    dsswoosh, quit playing hating cause you poor.. $400 is a good price for this sick phone

  • Orin

    off course $400 sounds acceptable price comparing to the stupid "iphone" just a crap phone which cost around $800 i think! "Xperia Play" would be much much much better than the stupid "iphone".

  • dsswoosh

    Only incredibly stupid people will pay $400 for a portable gaming device that is essentially a PS1, or more so, a psp/phone that to date has very little games for it.

    Only the stupid.

    Put this device on a cheap phone contract however, and now we have something interesting, maybe worth buying.

    • smartPS


      • pHyRe

        ummmm u do realise it runs android giving it the same capabilities as any android phone? and its clearly not a ps1, it runs 3x faster than a ps2 and a psp at 1ghz which means it has far better capabilities than the psp and games will come out very quickly