New Macbook Pro 2011: Black Model and Release Date Hints

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2011

We have been keeping you up to date recently on potential new Macbook Pro arrivals, but now we have some fresh details which are sure to attract your interest. A new advertisement by Intel has teased an upcoming Macbook Pro, but one which will look different from the rest.

According to this report by BGR, the Ad in question reveals that Apple may be planning to unleash a sexy Black version of their Macbook Pro laptop, if Intel’s latest promo turns out to be real. Firstly, let’s take a look at it below:

It looks pretty special doesn’t it? The picture doesn’t give away much, but you can definitely see the black display and black body in the Macbook’s position shown above. We definitely love the classic Silver Macbook Pro, but we can’t help but get excited over a new color joining the family.

The ad itself isn’t about the Macbook Pro specifically, rather a reminder from Intel about the multimedia capabilities of their new Core i5 processors, which are featured on their current 15-inch model Macbook Pros. You can check them out on the Apple store here.

We’re praying that more info on this elusive black model comes to light soon, for now let us know your thoughts on a new color – would you dig a sleek black Macbook Pro or not? It could be hitting the Apple Store as early as this March. Stay tuned for further details on this as we get it.

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  • steve


  • Tatu

    They seem to be very solid, as all major sites like Apple Insider, Mac Rumors and such keep telling us that Best Buy has already listed new models and that major resellers in Europe have already received Apple's sealed containers to be opened next thursday (24th february). It's also Steve Job's birthday, by the way. In Best Buy all new models are priced like the current ones, so it would be a good idea to return the machine before thursday 😉 I bet they won't take it back so easily after the new MBPs hit the shelves.

  • ilan

    i just bought a macbook pro last week.. how solid are these rumors? im running to best buy to return it

  • David

    Make a 13" black MacBook Pro (to replace the MacBook line), give it
    an anti-glare screen, price it under $1000 … and Apple has got a
    customer that would snatch one up in a NY second!

  • baldrel

    I really like the dark metal look. And i guess its either an aluminium with a colour to it, liquid metal with the same thing, or a carbon fibre shell.

    I am getting myself a new macbook soon and i always wanted a macbook pro (for the speed, extra connections and the glowing letters on the keys (that is not a necessary feature like an optical drive).

    Now if its liquid metal (not sure about carbon fibre) it wouldn’t scratch easily, so it would be good for me (resale value).

    Sandy bridge sounds appealing to me.

    I would call for apple to make a slight rearrange to their current lines setup) and (if possible) have the 13 inch models have higher speed processors available in them. This annoys me because i prefer speed to screen real estate (i s’pose its a space thing).

  • I am looking for new Mac book pro, I want to replace my old laptop with mac. Does anyone know what is the new model looks like and what is the different with the older model ?
    Does it release on March. I love white color more than black.

  • Indie

    I don't think the MacBook Pro would look nice in black TBH. I'll hope that Apple will stick with the stock color that they had over the years.

  • frankie

    look at the window..its from a mac

  • The black unibody definitely gives a good look to it as well as it is a good change to have and tell it apart from the older models.

  • Bill Gates

    If this leak is based off of the intel ad then i don't think it has legs to stand on. Intel has no bias towards either pc or mac as long as they are using their product. My guess is they combined the PC color with the mac shape creating generic laptop that could be confused with either. I could look at the same pic and say Dell is coming out with a laptop that looks like a mac pro.

  • chris

    Well they're going to have to break away from their usual design soon, otherwise everyone will stop looking forward to new releases…
    As for the optical drive, if they get rid of it then i'll have to seriously reconsider buying macbooks, there's no reason to shed weight or size when it's the pro version, I can see why on the macbook air but not the pro.

  • Steve Jobs

    (1) If they removed the Optic drive then its nothing more than a higher end mac book air. This would kill the mac book air niche or kill the macbook low end niche. Pro is just that. If Pros wanted a faster mac book air then they would demand a faster mac book air.

    (2) This is a generic computer. I guess all the speculators on this ad forgot to notice there is no iSight camera. Apple is pushing evideo chat, etc even with the iphones. It would be a big step backward to remove the built in iSight camera.

    (3) There may be a "black" macbook pro in the 2011 release because the rumor is apple may switch to a carbon fiber body instead of an aluminum one.

    (4) This ad looks more like a regular macbook refresh instead of a Pro (hint hint)

    (5) More likely is Sandy Bridge dual or quad core (if they can get the heat issue solved), Light Peak interface introduction, AirPlay, SSD options, more OpenCL functionality, and possibly Blue Ray drive.

    (6) Apple would never let another company steal their thunder on introducing a picture of a Chassis redesign (refresh), Instead Intel may be using a 3D rendering of what they "think" the redesign may look like in one or more models.

    • Ron

      i agree this is a mock-up not a finished ad. Intels ad would splash APPLE somewhere in it not just imply. also this could be a dell, hp or any other laptop without the APPLE LOGO i am certain it is just a marketing mock-up.

  • matt

    hmm, or could it be the new macbook, rather than macbook pro.

  • Jake Trapper

    It's possible, but I just doubt Apple would release its Macbook design to Intel for use in an advertisement before the official announcement. Time will tell, I guess.

  • Pratik

    Though I am a true fan of Silver Macbook Pro , I would like to consider black one too.
    Waiting for launching date… Please let me know about it.

  • James

    It looks the same as the old black macbook? If it's glossy black I think this will look awesome.

  • Mike

    I was really looking forward to the new macbook pro, and was planning to buy one as soon as it came out. But if it is going to be in black like every pc laptop is, then no. I am only buying the macbook cause it looks good, even though the specs are terrible for the price.

    • John

      You sir, are a tool.

  • Andrew

    I have to say I am drooling over the potential looks of the new pro which I have been waiting to purchase. However I have been nervous that Apple were going to do away with the optical drive, as per the MacBook Airs and from this view it may look like my fears might be true.

    If they have managed to squeeze in an optical drive then hats off but I want my Pro to be stunning for both commercial and home use, and for me not having an optical drive will take away its practicality for me. It may even force me to buy the current i7 model.