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New Dell phones and Tablets in 2011: Release and Specs Leaked

It seems like we have a bit of de ja vu on our hands here, as you may remember us telling you about another Dell leak last year which revealed handsets in a similar fashion. A new roadmap leak has revealed upcoming smartphones and tablets that the company are planning to release.

As reported from Engadget, roadmap images have been acquired by Android Central and WPCentral and it shows a healthy collection of handsets which the computer giant are planning to bring to market throughout the rest of the year. It looks like Dell has something to show off at Mobile World Congress after all!

On the smartphone side of things, handsets revealed include the Dell Wrigley – a ‘next gen’ Windows Phone 7 handset with specs thought to be a 4-inch display screen, 1Ghz processor, 8 megapixel camera and 720p video recording. Next up is the Dell Hancock, which is looking to be one of the first handsets out to run on Android Ice Cream – Google’s successor to Honeycomb. Features include a dual-core processor and dual cameras.

Finally, we have the Dell Millenium which is meant to be hitting during the fourth quarter of 2011. Specs include Android Ice Cream, a large 4.3-inch display screen and dual-core processors.

Ready for more? The roadmaps also revealed Dell’s 2011 plans as far as tablets are concerned, and it looks like first up will be an April release for the Dell Gallo – a tablet which will be packing Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Other tablets have been mentioned for CES 2012, and titles include the Dell Opus One, Silver Oak, and the Dell Peju which is apparently a Windows 8 tablet – exciting stuff.

Which device are you most looking forward to? You can check out the full details of all of the leaks over at Engadget. We have to say that the Dell Hancock and Dell Peju tablet are the most appealing to us, especially since it will be running brand new software in Android Ice Cream and Windows 8 respectively. Stay tuned for more news.

On a side note, whatever happened to the Dell Thunder? You may remember it was a handset that was thrusted into the limelight after it’s initial leak. Check out a video of the handset in the wild below if you haven’t seen it yet.



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