Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MvC3): Cheats and Tips for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Feb 17, 2011

If you have a copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and are looking for information on how to unlock the secret characters in the game, you’ll be pleased to know that a guide we’ve found shows you a simple way to get them, and also all the other unlockables in the game.

You may not know this yet, but there are only four characters to unlock in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. This may be a bit disappointing for those of you who had wished for a bit more longevity to the game, but Capcom obviously felt that the main aspect of the game is it’s online portion, not unlocking extra characters in single player mode.

The four characters that you can unlock are Akuma, Hsien-Ko, Sentinel and Taskmaster. Players will have to acquire enough player points to do so (PP), and you’ll find that you can unlock Akuma with 2,000 PP, Sentinel with 4,000 PP, Hsien-Ko with 6,000 PP and Taskmaster with 8,000 PP.

Aside from unlocking characters, you’ll also be able to unlock character art and stage art. Stage Art can be obtained by completing story mode several times, while character art can be obtained by performing certain tasks in the game. For example, the ‘Special Bio’ art can be unlocked by completing arcade mode with every single character – a mission which is sure to take you some time.

You can find out full details on all of the unlockables at this page over at Let us know if you have discovered any other cheats or secrets that we should know about. Have you found any easter eggs yet? You can check out a good video review of the game, in case you’re still undecided about whether to pick up MvC3 or not – we say get it.

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  • Rueben Massey

    Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but much like in MvsC 2 you can enter training mode and let the game sit to rack up PP. On the PS3 version you max out after about 2 hours and get 7200 PP. To do this simply enter offline mode, go to training, pick a roster for both sides, set the time to infinite and let the game sit (Note: make sure your system or controller doesn't auto turn off after inactivity or the game will pause and stop accumulating points). After 2 hours exit to the main menu and watch the points rack up.

  • Guest

    Easter Egg!!! during a battle swich in deadpool but dont hit anything (you will also need the other player to not attack). Check it out also everything about deadpool in the games is funny you will find