Marvel Vs Capcom 3 DLC: Possible New Characters for Xbox 360, PS3

By Alan Ng - Mar 8, 2011

We have some more details on the upcoming DLC for Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and probably the most exciting yet. We are hearing that hidden code found in the game has revealed two characters which could be making their way into the roster.

According to Destructoid, a user has managed to hack a copy of the game (we’re guessing the PS3 version?) and discover a line of code which contains the names of two characters which currently are not available on the roster.

These two characters are Frank West (from Dead Rising) and Spiderman’s classic nemesis Dr Octopus. This hasn’t been confirmed by Capcom yet of course, but there are only two explanations for this:

Either both were originally meant to be part of the game’s roster and taken out, or they are going to be the first DLC characters which you’ll be able to buy, excluding Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine here since they’re available on the special editions of the game. Take a look at the image below and decide for yourself.

Are these two characters already on the disc and are waiting to be unlocked via a DLC code? It wouldn’t be the first time that Capcom has used such tactics. We hope these characters do arrive though, i mean come on – Dr Octopus would be a great addition to the lineup. Let us know your thinking behind the hidden code.

Don’t forget to check out the great guide showing all of the move lists for each character.

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  • koopa

    ken venom iceman war machine guile cammy balrog alex

  • koopa

    ken venom iceman war machine guile cammy balrog alex

  • xaBier

    i need ICEMAN

  • MrFlamingo

    Justin Bieber!



  • Salomon

    Bring Captain Commander!

  • kodakhan

    Devil May Cry is the gayest thing ever. take all those faggy characters out
    replace em wit M. Bison , Zangief , Mega Man , Juggernaut. even Dan from street fighter! anything is better than that faggy dante queer

    • wow you like like the gayest charaters ever be happy with what you get you aint makin it

    • wow you like like the gayest charaters ever be happy with what you get you aint makin it

  • gamer

    human torch,iceman , jin, strider,megaman, roll, cyclops,rouge, psylock… there are plenty more good character

  • Steve

    Just bought the game and I'm a little disappointed with the character selection. Where the hell is Venom? Marvel vs Capcom without Venom…. c'mon now. Carnage would be fucking amazing but that will never happen. Too bad the developers don't read the forums and actually find out what fans want. (blizzard is amazing for this.)

  • Nassol

    THE WHOLE MVC2 ROSTER BACK! and new ones like they were suppose to!!

  • Jon


  • dust

    all of characthers of mvc2 they gotta be in it, plus new ones

  • Chris Boyce

    Seriously, everyone say Gambit, Mega Man, Jaggernut, etc etc etc. What about Blackheart? No one say anything about Blackheart! Blackheart totally kickass!

  • Fenrir

    Oki from Okami he would be awesome. I mean come on being able to shift from swordsman to wolf would be awesome.

  • Fenrir

    Oki from Okami he would be awesome. I mean come on being able to shift from swordsman to wolf, that would kick ass.

  • leophon

    yea lets put another resident evil character on here and that green thing that was trash as hell in two. so many other choices too choose fruf

  • leophon

    capeton comando blade bishop/cable beast ken dark ryu/akuma carnage. man they messed up so bad with modock she hulk hagar and sentinal

  • chuy

    megaman X please!!!!

  • Boyardee

    New characters would be better,like Electra,Mr.Sinister,Black Panther,MoonKnight,Ghostrider,Ms Marvel …………

  • Donny

    Ken and Venom!! Dr. Octopus would be cool though

  • James tebby

    MORE MARVEL WOMEN!!! Psylocke, Emma Frost, Squirrle Girl, Sister Grim, Scarlet witch, Rachel Grey, Kitty Pryde, Spitfire, excalibur, Selene, Sage, Hope, Surge, Dust, Blink, mystique, Hepzibah, Danger, Rogue, Spider-Girl, invisible woman, Dazzler, Ms Marvel, Black Cat, Fire Star, Hellcat, hawk-eye, stature, miss sinister, Magik, pixie!

    From the marvel men, Cable, x-man, wiccan hulkling, Mr sinister, Legiondr strange, hellstrom!

    i dont think tehres anyone else from capcom worth putting in

    • you want more women characters look at the roster its mostly women if you want more go to a gay club fag

  • Dave

    Some of the character endings show other marvel characters that would be amazing to put in the game. Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange. I'd like to see some oldies return Cyclops, Megaman, Strider, Ken, Sakura(and a code for evil ryu and sakura)Sabertooth. Nightcrawler would be an awesome addition and some older gen Marvel Characters like Namor, Hawkeye, & Beast. The game is great but needs more characters. I think Doc Oc and Frank West would be welcomed.

    Lastly I feel some characters are just lackluster…Task Master, Haggar, She-Hulk.


    dude u guys forgot bout the best KEN MASTERS

  • William

    they should put gambit or add nightcrawler

  • DR3N

    why the hell is everyone so obsessed with Megaman X? if anything, they should put classic megaman or Battle Newtork Megaman. and Squirrel Girl? seriously? Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Carnage, Venom, and Iron Fist all day. MAybe Doc Ock and the Sentry.

  • gustavo

    all darkstalkers characters!!!!!!!!

  • sam sheen

    Blade, gambit, venom, megaman there were so many cool characters in marvel vs capcom 2 y havent they matched it this time 🙁

  • jimmy barlow

    the thing would be the dogs private parts

  • mixxa

    gambit, jin, sakura, cammy, captain commando, venom, carnage, rogue, guile, and mega man

  • Fahd

    All they need is Frank West and Doc Oct then the roster will be complete.

  • Calvin


  • shockwave770

    I say add bison, Omega Red, Sabertooth

  • hachum

    jin, venom, blackheart, cyclops, batsu from rival schools, punisher, samanosuke form onimusha, megaman and maybe one of his bosses?, seth, daredevil, blade, nightcrawler, ghost rider, annd moreeeeeeee

  • Chef

    Human Torch wouldn't be bad or Silver Surfer. Tengu Man and Bass would be fuckin sweet.

  • Johnn Scoundrel

    Tyrant, seth, cammy, evil ryu, a hunter, ghost rider, gambit,, silver surfer, shatterstar, venom

  • PXY

    it says one the pic 'CViper' so will she be in DLC or what? I would like Juri to be in though!!!

  • Cloud

    Mega Man X (simply, X) would make a nice addition to complement the progression of the Mega Man series as well as the MvC series with Zero already present in the game. MvC2 had classic Mega Man, so it's natural that MvC3 would have the X chars.

    Gambit. C'mon chere, MvC just isn't the same w/out our favorite cajun maverick smacking the silly out of everyone with his staff.

  • Sebastian Carsetens

    What about Penance from MARVEL and Axel from CAPCOM

  • Yorrick Hunt


  • jessy smith

    all they need is charlie and ken apocalypse and professor xavier

  • Mr. Danison

    Just Bring back the WHOLE cast of MvC 2 including Abyss!

  • Maverick

    This game needs Cyclops and his bro Havok! Plus Apocalypse and Mr sinister

  • jones

    lets go with blade

  • J-La

    omega red

  • yo moma

    were the hell is jin!!

  • Herbert

    VENOM guys comon !
    He awesome and probably one of the COOLEST villians in Marvel Comics.
    Carnage would be pretty hot too. WHO AGREES?! 😀

  • Kevin

    i would LOVE to see APOCALYPSE !!!!!!!!!! , Mr. Sinister, Nightcrawler, Archangel, Havok, Gambit, Bishop, Cable ,Venom , Carnage, The Thing…….Actually capcom should just put out a Marvel Universe Fighting game with the same graphics as MVC3. only 1 on 1 like Street Fighter, and a Massive Character List. That would be Amazing!!!!

  • KingOfFighter

    Batsu Ichimonji and Akira Kazama (Rival Schools)
    Vergil (DMC3)
    Cammy, Juri, Bison, Ken, Sakura, Dan (Street Fighter)
    X (Mega Man X)
    Rouge, Gambit, Cyclops, Psylocke (X Men)

  • Hailed Ten

    Some characters that will make this game even sweeter. Venom, Megaman, Blade, Nemesis, Tyrant from Resident Evil, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Green Goblin, Cyclops, Doc Octopus, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Juggernaut, Human Torch, Nightcrawler, Odin, Jack Krauser, Daredevil, Lilith, Lord Raptor, Captain Blue, Sexy Silvia. Wouldn't all these characters be awesome????

  • Cap USA

    Octopus would be another Omega Red. Need Cyclops, Cable, Ken, Black Widow, Captain Commando, Venom, Gambit, and how about Rush to combat Amaterasu?

  • trebol

    Marvel side: Venom, Gambit, Cyclops, Green Goblin, Dr. Strange, Ghost rider, Psylocke, Juggernaut
    Capcom side: Mega man X, Frank West, M Bison, Jon Talbain, Phoenix Wright, Nemesis, Strider Hiryu, Blanka

  • jin

    jiiiiiiiin the best!!!

  • Fahd

    I forgot about Vergil, he's my best Devil May Cry character I hope he makes it!!!

  • Fahd

    AWESOME, all they need is Megaman EXE, Sandman, Green Goblin and Sigma and I am all set!!!



  • jim

    justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HAVT

      no, just no

    • Mike Jones

      and the JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie

      Just get the fuck out of here

  • Bob Bobson

    Nick Fury!

    • Fdgetrgf

      Yes just yes and also they should put in apocalypse

  • SmokeyMcBlunt

    Gambit nuff said

  • djblazblue16

    it all about servbot
    game tag PS3: djblazblue16

  • dwayne

    Blade and ghost rider and lil wayne

    • leophon

      i been sayin blade for the longest but you gay for sayin lil wayne

  • The game

    Carnage, Tyrant from resident evil, nemesis, mega man, strider, venom, vergil, nero, frank west, juggernaunt, M bison, sagat, vega, Loki, Dr.wily, Dr. octopus, green goblin, king pin, gambit, dare devil, ghost rider, ect

  • Son of Sparda

    Vergil would be perfect. He's Dante's evil twin which kicks ass. I thinks it's gay they put Trish in instead of him. I mean, Trish never even obtained the sword of Sparda, she'd never in a million years be able to use it!

    • Jay

      She gets it in the very first DMC a weilds it shortly there after in the credits fight. Not to mention in DMC 2 Trish is an unlockable character and once again has Sparda. >_>

  • brandon butcher

    dude this game needs a ton of new characters frank west, carnage, venom, beast, cyclops, megaman, NEMESIS!! capcom has a wide variety of characters and so does marvel comics, why dont they add a bunch of characters, it would make the game sooooo much better

    • Sam Zeigler

      I agree with your character choices 100% the game needs carnage and venom

  • tiny tiger hater2

    tiny tiger is a retard

  • GoGoGonzo91

    No Cable, Cable sux…

    Yes on Megaman, Jin, War Machine, Norimaro

    (and just a nice view on these, even though they won't happen) imagine Leon & Cloud and/or Iori & Kyo from KOF… It's nice to dream !!! =)


    DR. OCTAGONSPUS :<=====================================

  • tiny tiger

    virgil from dmc3 or nero from dmc4, ghost rider , haha and morph

  • guest

    they already said that frank was supposed to be in the game but in development they took him off the roster….. look at the silhouette of the capcom side in the mv3 logo

  • joe

    Why remove gambit? nonsense

  • koko


  • God Damn.


  • beans

    where is iceman silver surfer and black heart they would make the game extra hott

  • Von Anka


  • Yaya

    Gambit, cyclops, rouge and venom perty please and 20others ! !

  • lbjwdebsh

    i want my strider,cable BACK!!!!!

    and NEMESIS baby that will rock my world!!!!

  • rerfs

    we need cable, megaman x , venom, blanka, gambit,

  • Darth Bad

    We need Venom back.

  • Deezy




    • Xavier279

      Juggernaut, Venom, Strider Hiryu, Hayato Kanzaki

    • leophon

      i agree